I’m exhausted. The launch party last night was a blast, and a huge thank-you to everyone who came out and participated. Laughs were had, nightmares were created, and prizes were won. Are being won. I should get my butt moving and figure out who won them.

But anyway!

My generosity doesn’t end on Facebook, since I know not everyone is on there. To keep the celebrations going for another couple of days, I’ve created a giveaway that you can enter regardless of your Facebookiness.

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Book Release: Death at Peony House

The ghosts of Peony House have awoken, and you can finally find out why – Death at Peony House is officially available on Amazon!

peony_promoThis urban fantasy with a mystery twist follows the story of Daphne Heartstone, the sorceress and journalist first introduced in The Invisible Entente prequel novella that was released last month.

Eight months later, one of the most powerful sorceresses of her bloodline is now wary of her own magic. Losing herself to her power would bring Daphne back to the dark path she once walked, breaking promises to her family, and taking away her chance to build a solid life for herself.

But, of course, the best laid plans rarely happen as we want them to. One night, on a tip, Daphne heads to Peony House to dig up the next morning’s headline. Unfortunately, she finds herself facing the shadows of her past and has to find out whether she’s strong enough to stare through them without getting sucked back in.

Death at Peony House is available for $3.99 (less than a speciality coffee!) or free through Kindle Unlimited!

Grab your copy today


Grab a Free Novella

To celebrate DEATH AT PEONY HOUSE’s book birthday tomorrow, I’m trying to get as many people as possible to start right at the beginning.

To achieve that end, THE INVISIBLE ENTENTE prequel novella is FREE to download on Amazon until September 22.

entente_promo“If you’re reading this note, I’m already dead.  I find even more pleasure in the idea that one of you will soon join me.”

At the precise moment of warlock Jermaine Hershel’s death, seven strangers are transported into a magically sealed room with only a letter from the dead man to explain. If they want to go home, the way out is simple: discover the murderer — and kill them. Tensions rise as each stranger reveals their connection with Jermaine, but the puzzle isn’t so easy to solve. At least one of them is lying. In an unlikely alliance, they have to act quickly to unravel the mystery before the murderer acts first.

This 130-page locked-room urban fantasy mystery introduces you to the team of unlikely and reluctant heroes that make up The Invisible Entente.

Spread the word, grab your copy, and step into a version of our world where even the smallest coincidence might be a part of  greater, growing pattern.

Once you’ve finished, come join the party! Every birthday needs a celebration, and book releases are no different.

Tomorrow, from 4pm – 10pm EST, I’ll be hosting the Facebook launch party. Choose your favourite snacks and chat with a fantastic group of authors and have a chance to win some great swag. Hope to see you there!

Questing at Can-Con

Last weekend, I had a chance to check out Can-Con, the Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature. This is an event I’ve been wanting to attend since I first learned about it two years ago, but schedule conflicts and only hearing about it at the last minute prevented me from walking through the doors.

This year, I was determined.

On the weekend I was preparing to buy tickets, I received a great opportunity to attend as part of Error 404: Show Not Found and conduct a series of interviews, getting a behind-the -scenes look at what, in my opinion, is one of the most important growing conventions in Canada (the video of our explorations will be available shortly).

Why do I have that opinion? Because as a Canadian fantasy author, I feel that my voice is sometimes a whisper in the crowd. While the internet is a great place for blurring those lines of nationality, it’s still difficult for someone north of the border to draw the attention of, say, a New York literary agent (and sometimes even to hook readers if the setting is a small town in Ontario).

Can-Con offers an opportunity for new Canadian genre writers to shout out. Not only is it a collection of speculative fiction authors getting together to rub elbows and share their experiences AS Canadian spec fiction authors, it’s also a chance to check out panels hosted by some big names across a whole bunch of genres, and this year organizers Derek Kunsken and Marie Bilodeau invited a New York agent to answer questions and accept pitches.


This year, the event was held at the Novotel, right across from the Rideau Centre. The event took up two floors, with scheduled signings, a vendor’s room, and different rooms for the panels (discussions included the evolution of the genre, of gender and diversity in gender, on how to adapt your work to film and TV — seriously, so much great stuff). The event itself was an RPG game. On registration, you rolled for your character and kept the card with you throughout the event: a fun and creative way to get to know the competition your colleagues.

The vendor room was full of books (all the books!), local crafts, and products that complement reading to perfection (like locally made tea and coffee).

Can-Con has existed since 1992. It went on hiatus for a while, but returned in 2010 and has been steadily growing ever since. Each year, the organizers bring in incredible research resources, such as doctors and scientists, to answer your questions on any number of subjects (want to know about the spread of the Zika virus? They’ve got you covered). There are opportunities to get your pitches critiqued, to chat with small press owners and, of course, to chat with some of the most well-established writers in the genre.

I missed meeting Tanya Huff, unfortunately, but did grab a chance with speak with (and interview) Charles de Lint, an author I very much admire. These two shared a panel about the fantasy genre, and as they both have been instrumental in developing the genre in the country, are not voices to ignore.

This convention deserves the attention it’s getting and I look forward to watching them grow. Walking through the event, I saw nothing but people excited to be there: to meet fellows in their trade, to learn tricks and tips on how to make a go of the business themselves, or simply to be surrounded by books. So many books. It was wonderful.

Events like this are crucial. Writing is a solitary business and sometimes it can feel like you’re floundering without any anchors. It’s reassuring to know that’s the norm (hurray!), and that there are resources and supports there when you need them.

So next year, make sure to follow them on Twitter, on Facebook, on their website (link is at the top) and get thee to the convention!

COVER REVEAL: Dawn of the Vie by Laura Diamond

I’ve followed Laura’s writing career with interest for years, and I’m over the moon to see her recent comeback into the publishing arena. A beautiful storyteller with a sharp wit, killer imagination, and the more adorable cats, she’s definitely an author to follow.

Today, I’m happy to help promote her cover reveal for Dawn of the Vie! So pretty!!

Dawn of the Vie
Laura Diamond
(Immortal Aliens, #1)
Published by: Curiosity Quills Press
Publication date: October 3rd 2016
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Since their Arrival less than 30 years ago, immortal Vie rule the planet like the super-predators they are. Enslaved humans are their servants…their entertainment…and their food. Anemies—humans with various types of anemia—are simply exterminated. Their nutritionally deficient blood is useless to the Vie.

Or so it’s thought…


Alex, an Elite Vie, is a bit of a Renaissance Alien. Part scientist, part Raid Specialist, part drug addict, he knows Anemie blood is valuable. Rather than blindly carrying out his boss’s kill order, he convinces some colleagues to spare a few Anemies, not only for study, but also to reserve a secret stock.

The more Anemie blood Alex drinks, the more he slips into delusion, and the more his double life threatens to crumble. But quitting Anemie blood is not an option. Every Anemie has their own personal flavor. Each gives a unique high.

When Alex takes a hit of Justin’s blood, his hallucinations bleed into reality…


Anemie Justin knows his little sister, Sammie, and he are living past their expiration dates. It becomes a guarantee when they’re bitten by a Vie named Alex during a raid. (The bite is fatal, thanks to a toxin carried in Vie saliva.) Alex adds insult to injury by promising Justin a second chance—an antidote in exchange for agreeing to be a lab rat.

And a mule…of his own blood.

When Justin says no, Alex takes off with Sammie.

All Justin has to do is find them, beat Alex, and cure himself and Sammie. All he has is a stake and serious lack of self-preservation.

No problem.


Alex wants Justin’s blood.

Justin wants his sister back.


Add to Goodreads


Author Bio:

Laura Diamond is a board certified psychiatrist currently specializing in emergency psychiatry. She is also an author of all things young adult—both contemporary and paranormal. An avid fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and anything magical, she thrives on quirk, her lucid dreams, and coffee. When she’s not working or writing, she can be found sniffing books and drinking a latte at the bookstore or at home pondering renovations on her 225 year old fixer upper, all while obeying her feline overlords, of course.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



Book Trailer: Death at Peony House

Lovesick Android as done it again. Check out this eerie teaser for the next Invisible Entente novel. DEATH AT PEONY HOUSE will be available on Amazon on September 20

But the teasers don’t end there.

What a character drinks says a lot about them, don’t you think? The mind behind the trailer also came up with these “behind the scenes” shots of the Invisible Entente in their downtime.

Going forward, these teasers will be your first clue about the main character for the next book, but as the prequel novella is already available and DEATH AT PEONY HOUSE is so close to release, I wanted to share these now:


Warlock Jermaine Hershel can’t be bothered to use a coaster. Who wants him dead? Lots of people. Who finally killed him? Find out today! The Invisible Entente prequel novella is available for 99c or free to borrow through Kindle Unlimited.


Sorceress Daphne Heartstone is walking a thin rope between good and evil. She’s made great strides to leaving her dark past behind her, but can she resist the temptation calling to her from the abandoned hospital, Peony House? Find out September 20!

Cover Reveal: Death at Peony House, an IE Novel

I’m taking a running leap into the new series and couldn’t put off releasing the first full-length novel in the Invisible Entente series much longer. You can find Death at Peony House on Amazon as of September 20 (barring any delays!!), and be sure to join us for the Facebook launch party on release day!

To get ready for the big launch, check out the second beautiful cover by the magically talented Ravven as well as the blurb.


Sorceress and journalist Daphne Heartstone heads to Peony House, the city’s abandoned hospital, in search of a headline, but what she discovers is a dead body and a clue to a hundred-and-fifty-year-old cold case.

Detective Hunter Avery, the man Daphne loved and lost, warns her away from the case, but the ghosts of Peony House have demanded her help, and her job is on the line if she doesn’t have a story on her editor’s desk for Saturday’s edition.

Daphne has worked hard to escape her past of dark magic and blind ambition, but as she walks the balance between light and dark, she’ll learn how many promises she’s willing to break to protect the people she loves.

To get the most up-to-date information on Death at Peony House and the future Invisible Entente novels, be sure to sign up for my spam-free monthly newsletter

entente_promoTo start at the beginning, make sure to grab the prequel novella today for only 99c


It’s a Book Reading!

To celebrate the launch of my new series, I filmed myself reading the first couple of chapters from the prequel novella.

I’m proud of this video because, aside from some smoothing out and touch-ups from Chris, I edited the whole thing myself! Even though I had to re-film it twice and re-edit more than that because my laptop froze and I lost everything and… yeah.

Depending on the response I guess, I plan to do one for each of the IE novels coming out, so if you enjoy watching them, leave a comment below! There’s also my reading of Bladelore on the youTubes as well🙂

Like what you hear? Grab your copy today

The Invisible Entente has come to play

As I continue to my spontaneous BLOG POSTS ABOUT EVERYTHING streak, I figured I might as well take the time to blog about my new book release. Because, y’know, I have one. S’cool. No biggie.

NO! WAIT! DON’T WALK AWAY! I’m actually REALLY EXCITED about this book release, because it marks my first steps into official urban fantasy. I’ve played with the genre in private for years, but I’ve finally worked up the courage to slip into a non-epic genre and build castles in a new sandbox.


“If you’re reading this note, I’m already dead.  I find even more pleasure in the idea that one of you will soon join me.”

At the precise moment of warlock Jermaine Hershel’s death, seven strangers are transported into a magically sealed room with only a letter from the dead man to explain.

If they want to go home, the way out is simple: discover the murderer — and kill them.

Tensions rise as each stranger reveals their connection with Jermaine, but the puzzle isn’t so easy to solve. At least one of them is lying. In an unlikely alliance, they have to act quickly to unravel the mystery before the murderer acts first.

Don’t get me wrong – I love and miss my Andvell gang, but the Invisible Entente is a brand new kind of trouble. Supernatural and mythological figures trapped in a locked-room mystery, tempers being tested (and when you have the power to set fire on things with your mind, that can be dangerous), and alliances being formed.

This prequel introduces the characters I’ve spent the last couple of months with and launches the first in a 7-book arc as it goes through each of the characters and culminates in…well, you’ll find out when you get there.

These characters are witty, dangerous, powerful, conflicted — all the good things you want to see in a bunch of reluctant heroes — and I hope you fall in love with them as quickly as I did.

The novella (130 pages) is available through Amazon for 99c or through KindleUnlimited for FREE, so grab a copy, brew a cup of tea, and then leave a comment below to let me know who your favourites are.

Grab your copy now!

If you’re not sure yet, you can read an excerpt here

T is for…tea

I was actually hoping to come up with a cleverer title, but there is no synonym for comfort that begins with the letter “T”. Or for bliss, security, or happiness.

In yesterday’s post, I threatened to ramble on about my love of tea and someone made the possibly big mistake of encouraging it.

I’ve been flexing my haiku muscles lately, so here goes:

Tea is ambrosia
Soul-warming and heart-hugging
My mugs are too small

I have a confession to make that might make you want to take away my writer card: I don’t like caffeine. I can’t handle it. One ounce too much and my heart is racing through my chest and I’m as jittery as if I’m in a full-blown anxiety attack, without all the head spinning.

For me, tea has nothing to do with the morning boost. Instead, at 9:30 every morning, I appreciate the joy of wrapping my usually glacial fingers around a warm mug and having my insides warmed up, too. And nothing usually works better than tea.

It’s a psychological thing, I think. Maybe from watching/reading too much British fiction? Bad day? Start a brew. Family tragedy? Better get the teapot out. World ending? Turn on the kettle. And really, I don’t think there could be better advice.

Everyone needs something to get them through the rough patches, whether it’s the hard part of the work day (the stretch where five minutes feels like two hours, where the work is all dumped on your desk, and your boss just laughs as if it’s all a big joke), getting ready for a stressful meeting, dealing with people you’d rather watch step on LEGO pieces…

Let’s face it: it’s a big, scary world out there, and adulting is hard. We have to make phone calls, for goodness’ sake. Society frowns on security blankets after a certain age, but no one suspects a cup of tea.

So to everyone sitting in the coffee shops reading this over a cuppa, I raise my mug to you. We’ve got this.