For me, proofreading is more than just a task that needs to be checked off the list; I enjoy it. I find the process of reading for errors cathartic and satisfying, which means you know I won’t rush through a job and will be as thorough as I possibly can.

As an author, I know the importance of releasing your best work into the world, so I want to help other authors feel a sense of confidence before they hit that Publish Now button.

I keep an eye out not only for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but also for any strange formatting glitches (that word you’ve italicized all the way through except for chapter 15 for word processing reasons you can’t understand) and also editing quirks (that character you removed from your draft three passes ago who still makes a cameo right before the climax).


To get a quote on your manuscript, just send me a message. I know how important it is for a proofreader and author to have an understanding on voice and style, so I’ll perform a sample proofread (size of sample to be based on the total word count of your manuscript), and then work out my estimate accordingly. I typically charge standard industry rates (my set rate is $32/hour), though this might change depending on the nature of the document to be proofread (manuscript vs. web page or research paper).