My name is Krista Walsh, and Raven’s Quill Press is the self-publishing imprint of my epic and urban fantasy novels. To learn more about my work, you can check out my author website here.

At this point in my career, I’m not looking to take other authors on under my imprint; however, I am hoping to help other authors looking to move forward with their own indie careers.

What you’ll find on this site are tips and resources on how to go from draft to publication, a slow build and ever-growing collection of wisdom and experience from yours truly.

As of the time of writing this, I have published fourteen books, but with every new release I learn something new. The information I share is based solely on my own experience and observation, and, unfortunately, is no guarantee of success. I wish it were otherwise, because I could use that round-the-world vacation…

As of September 2018, I now offer proofreading services, as well. So if you’re at the final stages of editing and want a second set of eyes to catch some typos and formatting errors, you can contact me by clicking here.



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