15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Krista, I love reading your blog. I have taken a slightly different path by publishing a multi-touch iBook – The Sword of Air. I have a brand new blog at http://www.swordofair.net. It would be lovely if you could follow me too. Thanks and good luck with your writing projects. Rae.

  2. I have BookBub and I got on it to get a few free books. It has ended up being great. Most of the books that I get for free are not just books people are just trying to write, they are great books. Your Evensong was great and I look forward to read more of your books. I started this in Afghanistan working for the military and I am now in Kuwait and still enjoying your books. Thanks for being a book author.

    1. Your message definitely put a smile on my face. I have nothing but respect for you and yours over there, having family that has served, so the thought that I’ve given at least one troop a few hours of entertainment gives me that added motivation to keep writing. Thank you for letting me know!

  3. Ever since I signed up to get a free short story after the book evensong my email has been FILLED with SPAM!!! Not very happy about this

  4. No man would sign papyrith sheeth with the ravens quill, there are far greater quills out there than the quill of the ravens quill.

  5. I loved loved loved the first book. With every new author I look for a story I’ve never read before. You can only put so many twists on the mythological, paranormal, and fanatical. Venn is my fictional twin, and I only put the book down to sleep. Well done! Can’t wait to read the next one!


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