The Raven’s Quill is the home of author Krista Walsh – welcome to my universe! You’ll find all sorts of pages around here–free short stories, information about my published works, blog posts about my various goings on. Feel free to poke your nose into all the doors until you find something that interests you. On this page, you’ll find news about my upcoming events and releases, as well as some of my more recent posts.

I return from almost two weeks’ silence to share the prologue of Kate Sparkes’ new novel Torn!

More Bloodlore updates!

Cover reveal!! So exciting to share the beautiful artwork of Kate Sparkes’ new novel Torn.

But you can find me all over the web. Want to connect elsewhere?

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And NOW, although I’m not exactly sure what to do with it yet, you can also find me on Instagram. At the moment it’s pictures of my cat and writing process. That’s probably what it will continue to be.

Hope to see you around!


  1. Hi Krista, I love reading your blog. I have taken a slightly different path by publishing a multi-touch iBook – The Sword of Air. I have a brand new blog at http://www.swordofair.net. It would be lovely if you could follow me too. Thanks and good luck with your writing projects. Rae.


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