Welcome to Andvell

As you may know by now, I’m currently working on a return to Andvell, a third trilogy in the saga focused on the next generation. Dragons! Romance! Magic! It’s going to be great.

To celebrate the new series, but also to mark the fourth anniversary since Evensong (my first novel!) was released, I have compiled the trilogy into an easy-to-download boxset. All three books, all three of Jeff’s adventures, at one click of your finger for a great price.

As of this morning, the trilogy is available on Amazon, but should be added to Kobo, Nook, and iBooks throughout the next couple of days.

Meratis Box Set

Even authors fight their own imaginations.

Fantasy author Jeff Powell spends most days struggling with his next book from the safety and comfort of his computer chair.

So when he wakes up in the setting of his best-selling series, he is unprepared for the threats awaiting him. His characters aren’t familiar, there are problems he never wrote, and the dragons…are much larger than he pictured.

Faced with evil sorcerers, vengeful lords, and the pursuit of his true love, Jeff’s time in Andvell is a constant battle. But will his imagination be enough to save the world he created from falling apart at the seams?

This epic fantasy boxset takes you through all three of Jeff’s adventures in Andvell. Meet the ensemble cast that has so many people falling in love with this new fantasy world. Krista Walsh will draw you in with the beauty and heart of a world-within-a-world and keep you hoping that the line between reality and fiction really is so thin.

Tumble into Andvell today!

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