Day of Demons (Kindle) (Kindle) (Paperback)

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Day of Demons is a collection of powerful stories featuring the conflict of demons and humans over the course of a day.

Read how one woman’s inner-self awakens to unexpected and frightening consequences, or how a charismatic half-breed thief is forced to strike a deal with a pen-stealing imp. Read about a mother as she struggles to cope with a deadly, satanic bargain, and a sword-wielding anti-hero as he returns out of exile to face his demonic fate.

Nine stories, nine demons, nine authors. From fantasy, to horror, to contemporary fiction, this anthology will fright, delight and grip you with tales of daring-do, danger and of course — demons.



“Serpent’s Kiss was unreal! I drank down that whole story….You wove a very seductive and exciting (and hilarious!) tale. It hooked me until the very last page.” — C.J. Duarte

Serpent’s Kiss…hits the mark perfectly, playing on the readers’ expectations right to the end. Nicely creepy, nasty and slightly sexy” – Starbust Magazine – 7/10 stars for the Day of Demons anthology

“[Serpent’s Kiss] is the hottest of the demon stories…an effective and enjoyable update of the succubus myth” – Gothicked – 4/5 stars for the Day of Demons anthology

Interview with me from best-selling author Steven McHugh



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