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The Meratis Trilogy

Are novels just fiction or windows into other worlds? This is a question author Jeff Powell must face when he wakes up inside his own fantasy series to discover that the challenges his characters face are not ones he wrote…

Evensong-Cover-V1-lowResWeb[1] EventideEbook-Cover-lores Evenlight-EbookCover-V3-loRes

The Cadis Trilogy

Five years after the Meratis Trilogy wraps up, Venn Connell has set off on adventures of her own. This spitfire assassin is up against the darkest nightmares — not only threats against her country, but the shadows of her own past.

Cover  Bladelore-lores


A dystopian anthology told my six separate voices. A guinea pig project wherein the authors involved did not communicate with the others during the production of the novel, and yet the result is a near-seamless chronological story arc describing life in The Shadows, and underground community set to survive the police-run town after the collapse of civilization.




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