Project: Greylands

What is the Greylands Project?

Greylands came to me in an attempt to make my blog a little more interactive. I’m surrounded by so many talented writers and I wanted to work with them to create something unique. If that was the goal, the project has already succeeded. The quality submissions I’ve received so far, the interest it’s generated – I’m blown away.

Greylands is a story set a few decades after a major economic crash. Society has slowed, halted, reversed itself, and – except for the rare few – everyone is sufferings its effects. Schools, hospitals, they’ve all shut down. People are starving, but there no food to be had and if there was, there would be no money with which to buy it. Illiteracy has bred, disease is everywhere, and only the heavy hand of law and military keep things from complete chaos.

Within this bleak future is a group that fights for survival. They live in the Shadows and do what is needed to keep going, even if they have no hope for improvement or change. In darkness these “have-nots”, a motley collection of thieves, pickpockets, scavengers, and cons, rebel against the “haves”, and thumb their noses at the law whenever they can.

They’re rough, they’re fascinating, they’re skilled…and they are just waiting to be written.

*** A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project. From the day it started to it’s final sentence, this project swept me away with the story and characters that came into being. Special recognition to C.J.  Duarte, Chelsea Miller, Colin F Barnes, Chris Henry and Kathi L. Schwengel for their dedication and contributions. Also a huge thanks to all of the readers who kept coming back for another chapter. I hope in future to provide something as equally compelling! But just because the project is closed, doesn’t mean it’s going anywhere. Feel free to come back and visit whenever you like! ***

***Status update (October 5, 2013): You may think I’ve turned myself into a liar with the above promise as Greylands has now been taken down except for the introductory story. In actual fact, it’s only a hiatus. Greylands is now in the process of being converted into an ebook & print collection! Come back soon for further updates!



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