Welcome Prices

I know it can be risky to give a new business a chance, so I want to give you an opportunity to try out my services at a great deal and (I hope) spread word to other writers in need.

To do this, I’m offering 25% off the first five projects I book.

If you’re interested and ready for me to take a look at your work, send me a message through the contact form.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Prices”

  1. I have a non fiction book to edit.
    How much do you charge? And how much is 25/.
    Moreso, how long does it take you to do justice to a work?

    1. Hi Olivia,
      Thanks for reaching out! My rates are $32/hour. The 25% and approximate time it would take will depend on your word count/sample. If you’re interested, you can send a 1000 word sample to theravens.quill@gmail.com with the total word count and your deadline.
      Have a great evening!


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