Cleaning House

I guess there’s something about packing up the last four years of your life that makes you want to tidy up a whole bunch of other areas as well. This week, I’ve found myself creating budgets to clean up my finances and have set to work clearing out my Facebook profile, taking me one step closer to shutting it down completely.

Maybe it’s a bit of spring cleaning in there as well, but it’s incredibly refreshing to be getting some of this stuff off my back and observing it all as neat little rows instead of the chaos I’ve let it devolve into.

I’m also taking this time to clean up my website. I’m adding an FAQ page with separate sections for writers and readers that will hopefully come in handy (so if you have any questions you feel I should add, let me know in the comments below!), and I’m brainstorming some branding for the Krista Walsh image. The Fantasy Quill near Parliament Hill? Peddler of Magical Worlds?

I’m looking forward to the dust settling so I can see what a difference all these changes have made, but I’m enjoying the energy being created while I change them!

What’s the biggest change you’ve made lately that’s given you a fresh lease on life?


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