NOTICE: E-book price changes

Exciting things are happening

New projects mean a few changes, but you don’t have to miss out!

This Friday, February 9, I will be raising the prices on some of my backlist, and I wanted to make sure to give you time to take advantage of the lower prices while you can.

What’s changing

Cover art: Ravven

Death at Peony House will be going up from $2.99 to $3.99USD

Magic is a dangerous temptation 

After lights are seen in the windows of the city’s abandoned hospital, sorceress and journalist Daphne Heartstone heads to Peony House in search of a headline.

What she discovers is a dead body and a clue to a hundred-and-fifty-year-old cold case.

Detective Hunter Avery, the man Daphne loved and lost, warns her away from the case, but the ghosts of Peony House have demanded her help.

Not to mention, her job is on the line if she doesn’t have a story on her editor’s desk for Saturday’s edition.

Daphne has worked hard to escape her past of dark magic and blind ambition, but as she walks the balance between light and dark, she’ll learn how many promises she’s willing to break to protect the people she loves.

Pick up this spine-tingling whodunit today!

Gods of the Stone Oracle will be going from $3.99 to $4.99USD

Ten months ago, a sorceress, a Gorgon-Fae, a succubus, a semi-goddess, a daemelus, a human, and an incubus matched wits to escape a magically sealed room. Six of them survived, believing their association was over.

But again and again their paths have crossed, and now sixteen-year-old Molly Harris has been abducted by a demon cartel intent on unleashing the nefarious Project Oracle.

To prevent the cartel from tearing apart the balance between the otherworld and the mundane, the remaining five must travel to the heart of otherworldly nightmares, where they are faced not only with the uncertainty of their futures, but also the ghosts of their pasts.

Tensions rise as personalities and motivations clash, but as the clock runs down, the Invisible Entente will need to find a way to work together to save Molly and destroy Project Oracle before the final storm rolls in.

Join the heist and wrap up the series

And finally….

This is probably the biggest change, but I feel the series deserves it’s value, and it’s time. I’ve had Evensong and Bloodlore on permafree for a few years now, and they’ve served incredibly well to get people into the series. They’ve given people the opportunity to take a chance on a new-to-them author.

For the time being, Evensong will remain free, though that will likely change by the end of the month, but Bloodlore will be going up in price from FREE to $3.99USD

War is coming, and only an assassin can stand in its way. 

Peace is not a state that Venn Connell enjoys.

Give her a knife fight with a corrupt merchant’s bodyguard. Give her shadows where she can steal enough gold to buy her next meal.

A quiet, steady life? Now that is a nightmare.

So when the Andvellian ambassador in Margolin goes missing, Venn jumps at the chance to find him. She quickly learns, however, that the mystery goes deeper than one missing courtier.

Before she knows what’s happening, Venn finds herself caught in in a conflict she’s never trained for: border tensions are rising, a man vanishes before her eyes with a relic she believed lost… and something dark has followed her out of the charred ruins of Treevale Fortress.

Venn knows she has to tread carefully. One wrong move and she could lose herself in the shadows, and hurl her country into war.

One-click this action adventure fantasy today!

Take advantage of these sales while they last



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