NEW RELEASE: Gods the Stone Oracle

The end is here! I have mixed emotions about this, but it’s here!

If you’ve been plagued by the questions popping up throughout the series, then prepare to have your curiosity sated as you race through this high-speed, high-stakes conclusion.

Gods of the Stone Oracle is available for a limited time at $3.99 before it goes up to full price next week.

Grab your copy today!

Ten months ago, a sorceress, a Gorgon-Fae, a succubus, a semi-goddess, a daemelus, a human, and an incubus matched wits to escape a magically sealed room. Six of them survived, believing their association was over.

But again and again their paths have crossed, and now sixteen-year-old Molly Harris has been abducted by a demon cartel intent on unleashing the nefarious Project Oracle.

To prevent the cartel from tearing apart the balance between the otherworld and the mundane, the remaining five must travel to the heart of otherworldly nightmares, where they are faced not only with the uncertainty of their futures, but also the ghosts of their pasts.

Tensions rise as personalities and motivations clash, but as the clock runs down, the Invisible Entente will need to find a way to work together to save Molly and destroy Project Oracle before the final storm rolls in.



This Saturday, February 3, 2018, you’re invited to the Gods of the Stone Oracle release party over on the Facebooks. There will be prizes and games, and a whole whack of fun. Hope to see you 




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