November Accomplishments

I believe that half the battle of staying motivated is celebrating and acknowledging what you’ve accomplished.

To help with this, I would like to start a new tradition on this blog, where the last day of the month, I share things I’ve achieved and my goals for next month.

I invite you to share your own lists in the comments. Make a big deal of them – it doesn’t matter how small they might seem to you, it could be huge to others. 

So pat yourself on the back and let’s get sharing!

Achieved in November:

1) “Won” NaNoWriMo at 82k and finished the draft of Veilfire, Book 1 of the Nayis Trilogy

2) Had 2 book signings at Chapters locations

3) Shared the cover reveal for GODS OF THE STONE ORACLE and made considerable progress on edits

4) started a new blog serial 

5) bought a rocking new office chair

Goals for December 

1) Finish GotSO edits and have it ready for beta readers

2) Kick off my #IEAssemble promo campaign

3) Start preparing Veilfire revisions

4) Survive the holidays

I can’t wait to get started.

How about you? What have you kicked butt on this month?


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