Book Review: My Heart Shook Like a Drum

I don’t often leave full reviews, but this one I felt was important. It’s not an easy one to find (I got my copy from the author directly), but worth the effort.

Being honest, if I were rating this book from a technical perspective, it would not be quite as high. The frequent repetitions of details and stories, which could have been cleaned up with edits, do sometimes take away the OOMPH of the point, but at the same time, it’s exactly those imperfections that lend a deep authenticity to Alice’s story and give a solid emotional punch.

And emotion is where the 5* comes in. I was in my first year of university whem I learned that the residential schools in Canada existed. 18 years old! After 6 years of high school Canadian history classes, I was appalled that such an important part of our past had been left out.

So when I met Alice at a book event this summer and she told me this book is her personal story of her time at a residential school, I had to pick it up. She is a lovely woman with so much joy and warmth in her heart, which is all the more incredible when you read what she and the other Indigenous children of that 120-year time span had to endure for the sake of “being civilized”

It’s not a subject you see often as told by the people who lived it, so Alice’s courage and honesty is that much more remarkable, and I feel an important story for anyone to read who wants an insight into the lives so many of us never new existed.

If you know of any other such histories that you’ve read and think worth sharing, please send me a recommendation!


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