BOOK RELEASE: Song of Wishrock Harbor

If you’ve been waiting for the next installment of The Invisible Entente, your wait is over. Gorgon-Fae Gabriel Mulligan’s story is here!

For today only, grab Song of Wishrock Harbor for 99c before prices return to normal at $3.99

This story was one of those rare tales that spilled off the page, and although I read it 15 times throughout the course of editing, it never failed to raise goosebumps and make me crave a big cup of tea. In fact, I highly recommend you keep a warm beverage close by when you crack open the cover (metaphorically or literally)

This story also introduces Percy Sparkes, who might be one of my favourite characters to date. The relationship between these two is solid and quick, both of them poking each other, testing the boundaries to see how far they can go, just as best friends should.

I hope you enjoy the read!

To celebrate the release (the first of many in 2017), I’m hosting a Facebook release party with some amazing guest authors and swag. The party runs from 3:30EST – 9:30EST, so join us for some fun and haikus! Hope to see you there!

*Book trailer created by Lovesick Android*



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