To-do List Be Gone: an update post

*stretches back*


There’s something incredibly satisfying about knocking a bunch of things off the to-do list at once, isn’t there? I think that’s why I break all of my tasks down into the smallest possible denominators so I can cross things off more often and much faster. It’s not “publish this book”, it’s the 25 steps that go into publishing said book. Far easier to maintain my sanity that way.

What have I crossed off my to-do list today?

1) HOWL OF THE FETTERED WOLF (book 4 of the Invisible Entente series) has gone through it’s final first-stage reading & been sent to my incredible alpha reader to be torn to bits.

For the first time since the first draft, this book is out of my hands and someone else’s eyes get to see it. This is both one of the most exhilarating and terrifying parts of the process. What is the whole thing is garbage? What if it needs to be rased to the ground and started from scratch?! Well, best to know now before the readers get their hands on it or before I ruin my editor’s day by sending it to her in that state.

2) SONG OF WISHROCK HARBOR, whose cover gets revealed to the world on THURSDAY!!!, now has a blurb!

I’m weird, I guess. I like writing blurbs. I put on my “movie trailer voice” and see what I can come up with. Usually, I get the foundation of what I want in the first couple of drafts and start tweaking from there.

This one was challenging, and I have no idea why! I love the story, and the themes/threads are tight enough that it wasn’t difficult to pull what needed to be mentioned, but the order, the emphasis, all of the elements that make up a great blurb, were avoiding me. Huge thanks to the people who read it over for me and helped me. Now it’s at a state where I love it, and you can check that out with the cover reveal.

3) The Andvell short story, “The Search of C’Myan” (which also goes out to my mailing list subscribers on THURSDAY), has gone through it’s post-beta edit read-through and is nearly done! 

Only the proofread to go through next, and it’s on its way! The story fills me with so much happiness. Not only because I got to play with old friends, but also because it was a conversation between authors. It was a great reminder that we who express ourselves creatively have more power in the world than we sometimes give ourselves credit for. I feel like it was an especially important reminder right now.

4) “The Search of C’Myan” also has a blurb! And this one I won’t make you wait for! And if you like it, you should sign up for my mailing list if you’re not already there to make sure that you receive it on THURSDAY!



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