Tis the season

… to have an infinite list of deadlines – fa la la la la, la la la la

Is anyone else feeling the strain right now? The holidays are coming, so you’ve got dinners and gifts and decorations and holidays and family and “where do we keep the cat, because you know Aunt May is going to complain about her allergies if she detects a single cat hair” and on top of all that, trying to make sure your work is done so that went Christmas Eve comes along, you can have that ONE. SINGLE. HOUR of doing nothing and knowing you deserved that hour, dammit.

That’s where I am right now. Except for the Aunt May situation. No one we’re hosting for dinner has allergies, and even if they did… well, in this house, we know who’s boss.

(Psst, it’s not the guests. or us)2016-12-09-07-13-08

At the moment, I’m juggling deadlines on four different projects. To procrastinate from working on any of them for a moment, I figured I’d give a bit of an update post.

First and foremost: I’m gleeful (almost wickedly so) to be sharing an exclusive Andvell short story to my mailing list on December 15th.

No one else is going to receive this story.

It’s not mandatory reading for the Andvell Saga, but if you want to spend some time with some old friends and get a teaser for the premise of the next project I’m planning, you might want to get your hands on “The Search for C’Myan.”

And that’s not all I’m offering. There’s also a cover reveal for SONG OF WISHROCK HARBOR coming your day – the story of Gabriel Mulligan, the roguish Gorgon-Fae (cover art created by the ever fantabulous Ravven). People who are not on my mailing list will have to wait until early January to feast their eyes on this beauty, so if you want to be ahead of the game, make sure you’re signed up. If you’re not yet, you can do so by following this link: http://eepurl.com/GIJkz

Not convinced yet?


What about now?

As a bonus, if you’re not yet signed up, you’ll also receive two other Andvell short stories that are exclusive to my mailing list, so hurray! ALL OF THE EXCLUSIVE STUFF!

Because I don’t feel like I have enough going on, I’m also going to be recording a podcast tomorrow at The Leighgendarium, so if you have any questions for me, get them in today.


Now I guess I’ll go back to work…







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