NaNoWriMo 2016 – Week 2 Check-in

Tomorrow, we’re 50% of the way through the month, which I guess means you should be creeping up on 25k. Are you feeling confident about doing it? Need some cheerleading? Post your numbers in the comments and I will do my “You can do it!” dance on your behalf.

I managed to squeeze some words on Saturday between a wedding in the morning and Dr. Strange in the evening (have you gone to see this yet? SO good) and hit 50k. So, yes, I guess technically I’m done NaNo for the year?

NOT EVEN CLOSE! There’s still another 15-20k that needs to be written to finish this draft, so I’ll be aiming for that for the next two weeks. And if I finish that, I’m going to start on an Andvell short story that I want to send to my newsletter subscribers in December (is that a plug to sign up for my newsletter? Yes, yes it is. Follow the link here, and I promise only to send emails once or month of if something crazy cool happens.)

Please don’t be discouraged by my numbers. Even if you’re only at 5k, it means that you have sat down often enough to get those words out. Closing in on 10k? That’s amazing! Many people say they want to do get started, but can’t make it past the first 25o words, so you’re proving to yourself that you have what it takes to get past that point.

It’s all about training, about learning what process and what schedule works best for you. It’s possible you won’t figure it out this month, but who’s to say you can’t do your own private NaNo next month and tackle it again? Or the month after that? Or after that? November is just the chance for everyone to suffer  write together, but if you’re really passionate about seeing it done, there’s never a bad time.

That being said, you still have two weeks to go – let’s make words happen!



  1. You rocked it big time!! *woot, woot* *chest bump*

    Ouch. Okay, let’s not do that again. I’m at slightly over 16k, although my official NaNo total is a little over 13k. Theoretically I need to write over 2k a day to hit the deadline. I don’t see that happening, but one never knows.


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