NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 7

I met to post a weekly report yesterday, but got wrapped up in family things…and then my brain decided it didn’t want to work anymore, curled up into a corner, and spent the afternoon snoring while I tried to get some reading done. Thanks, Daylight Saving Time.

So I’ll include a bit of a week 1 update now as I dive into the start of week 2:

I hit 25k, which puts me halfway through the NaNo goal and a little over a third of the way through my first draft goal of 60k (although I suspect it’ll be a little more like 70 or 75 at this rate)

The daily afternoon scene prep to get me ready for the next day’s writing has been incredibly helpful, and it’s probably a system I’ll stick with going forward. I found this past weekend, because of all the family stuff, I had a hard time connecting with the story. I was constantly watching the clock, but also wanting to get my words in for the day. If I hadn’t had my scene descriptions guiding me forward, I likely would have written all sorts of digressions or mindless babble just to fill the space. With the heavy lifting already done, I just had to turn it into words.

So if you’re struggling, consider that one of my suggestions.

As I get into today’s work, I’m still winding down from the weekend, so I might try a bit of meditation to clear out the clutter in my head.

How are you progressing? What tricks are you using to stay focused? What do you think of your novel so far? Share in the comments!




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