There have been a lot of them this week, haven’t there? No, this is not a new goal to write a post a day – I’d never succeed. Just look at my diary.

Actually, no, don’t do that. Your brain would melt.

I did set the goal for a post-a-day this week, though. Mostly to get back in the habit, but also to try something new. Again, adaptation.

Why? Mostly because Facebook is playing games I don’t appreciate. Everything I post on my Author Page goes unseen because of their algorithms, and with Amazon cracking down on reviewers who interact with me on my personal profile, I don’t feel any desire to post there too often either.

So my thinking is I’ll post my updates here more. Get in the habit of using this blog as my primary social hub and spread the links out from here.

I’m currently editing the next IE novel before it goes to betas, and editing the fourth IE novel before it goes to my editor in November. I’m also getting the fifth IE novel ready to tackle in November for NaNoWriMo, so I’m sure there will be many updates on the way.

I’ll also be brainstorming an Andvell short story to give out to newsletter subscribers before the holidays. At this point, my mind is an blank slate of what the story should be about, so if you have any suggestions – any characters you especially want to see again, any story lines you want me to follow up on – comment here and I’ll add them to my idea list.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year?



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