Luke Cage – enough said

Netflix shows have been getting all of my cheers lately, and I don’t just mean on a superficial “This is awesome!” level.

2016-10-03-13-10-17Usually, I can turn my brain off when the TV goes on. I’m not a hypercritical movie-goer, and love shows that I can throw on while I do something more mentally engaging like this jigsaw puzzle.

But from the first time hubs sat me down and introduced me to Daredevil, season 1, I’ve realized I can’t do that with Netflix shows. And, more importantly, I don’t WANT to do that with Netflix shows.

Because they do them so damn well.

With the exception of Jessica Jones (which I disliked, but understand why others loved it), each Marvel show (and Stranger Things. OMG. Have you watched Stranger Things?!) has blown me away.

I’ve been reading a lot of writer’s craft books lately, and it’s fascinating to watch them in action in these shows. They’re so wonderful crafted, and so much deliberation goes into each shot, each frame, each lighting decision. I have a bad habit of overthinking (what? you? – I know, it’s surprising), but with these Marvel shows, I feel like my overthinking is rewarded. The symbolism that comes out of each shot is all the better when I can anticipate what’s about to happen.

The characters are great (especially the villains. They’re what I aspire to write), the dialogue is snappy.

So far, 8 episodes into Luke Cage S1, this is another winner. The dichotomies of good vs evil pop up in so many ways throughout the show, some subtle, some not, and watching all the pieces fall into place is as satisfying as completing that same doughnut jigsaw puzzle (does anyone else get massive doughnut cravings staring at that picture?)

I can’t get enough and can’t wait to see what they do next.

Also: Shades, anyone? Damn.


*********** MILD SPOILER ALERT ***************

As of last night, we finished watching S1, and while Luke Cage is still a solid superhero show well worth your time to watch, it doesn’t squeeze out Daredevil from my #1 spot.

The last episode left me feeling a bit deflated. It was as though the writers had built up a dozen incredible storylines but didn’t know how to wrap up half of them, so they just sort of…fizzled out.

Characters that were strong and captivating all the way through stepped out of character and did something just for the sake of the show needing to end.

Storylines that were set up and mentioned all the way through the series were never explained and set aside for Season 2 (lesson: don’t set things up if you’re not going to explain them. It’s one thing to leave some threads open for follow up, but if you’re going to set up the next season like that, do it near the end, not in the first episode).

The finale didn’t catch me with the “OMG I need more NOW” that Daredevil does, but overall, I loved the show and look forward to seeing some of these characters come back in S2. The casting/acting was phenomenal, the messages were powerful and important (if sometimes a little tacked on), and very much consider Luke Cage another Netflix win.





  1. Have you seen Mr Robot? It’s one of those shows you watch a second time through and go, “oh…I get it.” Tons of symbolism and they show the viewer a lot while telling very little.


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