Book Trailer: Death at Peony House

Lovesick Android as done it again. Check out this eerie teaser for the next Invisible Entente novel. DEATH AT PEONY HOUSE will be available on Amazon on September 20

But the teasers don’t end there.

What a character drinks says a lot about them, don’t you think? The mind behind the trailer also came up with these “behind the scenes” shots of the Invisible Entente in their downtime.

Going forward, these teasers will be your first clue about the main character for the next book, but as the prequel novella is already available and DEATH AT PEONY HOUSE is so close to release, I wanted to share these now:


Warlock Jermaine Hershel can’t be bothered to use a coaster. Who wants him dead? Lots of people. Who finally killed him? Find out today! The Invisible Entente prequel novella is available for 99c or free to borrow through Kindle Unlimited.


Sorceress Daphne Heartstone is walking a thin rope between good and evil. She’s made great strides to leaving her dark past behind her, but can she resist the temptation calling to her from the abandoned hospital, Peony House? Find out September 20!



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