Learning is a Silver Lining

I don’t want to let the radio silence here stretch on too long, so I thought I’d give a quick look into what the status is on my various projects right now – and therefore why there’s a delay in my Dreamchasing posts, as well as an alarming lack of release date for BLADELORE.

I’m going to do some band-aid ripping and break the bad news fast: there’s a delay in releasing BLADELORE.

Not a huge delay. We’re not talking years, or even months and months and then a final announcement that it won’t be finished.

It will.

A near-final draft is in front of me right now as I go through it yet again. Really, if I wanted to, I could put it up for purchase tomorrow and be content with the results. It’s a good book. I like this book. Even on my twelfth read, I’m getting some feel punches.

But while I’d be content, I wouldn’t be satisfied, because while it’s close to its final draft (so close), it’s not there YET.

This book has been a real learning experience for me. I’ll repeat this when I write my post on building your dream team, but it’s very important  to know who you’re getting into bed with when you start a massive project. It’s impossible to do everything yourself, but when you hire out, make sure you get the best (for you, your level, your goals, etc). It’s a tough lesson to learn.

So at the moment I’m getting BLADELORE ready to go through round 2 of beta reads, which will add another 3-5 weeks of edits, which means more of a mid-May wrap-up.

It’s worth it, I promise.

What’s coming up after The Andvell Saga is finished?

Something new. Something exciting. At least, I’m excited about it, so I hope you will be as well.

I’ve mentioned it before, so it won’t come as a surprise that I’m taking my urban fantasy/cozy mystery novella, The Invisible Entente prequel (which is free when you sign up for my newsletter – and I’m getting some really great feedback from it, so thank you!) and turning it into a series. Each book will be stand-alone, but set in the same world, following the different characters from the locked-room prequel.

The first book DEATH AT PEONY HOUSE is currently with my alpha reader and is heading to my wonderful editor on April 2.

I’ve already outlined book 2, under the fascinating working title of “Invisible Entente 2”, and have the initial concept for book 3, temporarily titled – you guessed it – “Invisible Entente 3”.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll share a WIPpet of DaPH because I don’t want to wait to get you a sneak peek into this new world.

You’ll also get to see the progression of the project. My wonderful partner has agreed to let me convert the kitchen wall into an idea board (he even helped me put up the posters). At the moment, it’s a big wall of empty, but by the end it is going to look epic.

2016-03-05 12.43.07

Hopefully the good news rules out the less good news, but 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year!


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