February Wasn’t Horrible!

I’m usually not a fan of February, but Feb 2016 was actually pretty bearable! Just to make sure I keep myself sticking with my personal life goes for this year, let’s see how I’m shaping up so far.

Goal: walk 20 minutes a day

Result: I admit I wasn’t as good this month. I still averaged over 20 minutes a day (which is about 10 hours a month), reaching 13h this month, but it’s been cold with lots of crazy mid-week snowstorms, and my desire to hibernate has won over movement. I’m determined that this will change when my sidewalks are no longer skating rinks.

Goal: Read for pleasure 30 mins a day

Result: I’ve actually been pretty good about this one! Sure there are some days I can’t find the time to squeeze in the full 30, but I at least get a couple of pages read, and then other days I make up for it by spending an entire afternoon in my comfy chair.

This month, I read Dead Ringer by Canadian cozy mystery author Sarah Fox, and it was great fun. A nice quick read that will keep you entertained.

I also got through Edgar Allan Poe’s Complete Works – all of his short stories, essays, book reviews, and poems. Really fascinating to see the ups and downs in the quality and mindset. I found a whole bunch of new stories from him that I adored outside of the classics, so it was well worth the time.

This month, I’m still enjoying the odd Agatha Christie novel, but the first real work I’m excited about is David Day’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Decoded – a look at the symbolism and meaning behind one of my favourite books. There might even be a blog post out of it.

Goal: Read 1 Craft Book per month

Result: SUCCESS! Not just one, but TWO!

The first I read was Self Promotion for Introverts by Nancy Ancowitz, and I recommend the read for people who dislike the “getting out among the people” parts of promotion. It’s full of helpful exercises to walk you through creating your own method so you can be successful at networking without acting like someone you’re not.

I even had time for a second craft book, which will be very useful going forward. It’s called Writer’s Guide to Character Traits by Linda Edelstein. She’s a psychologist who put together this reference book to help with character development. Is your character a middle-child accountant? You can go through both categories to pull traits that give them multi-dimensions. I was glad I read it through cover to cover, but it’s a great one to pick up at random to reference.

This month, I’m starting with Susan Kay Quinn’s The Indie Author’s Survivor Guide. I’m already a few chapters in and getting a lot out of it.

Goal: Engage in 2 social events per month

Result: done! And it wasn’t even all that difficult! Except the day I went out for lunch during Snowmageddon 1.0 a couple of weeks ago, but it was very much worth it to see one of my best friends.

I’m relieved that working from home so far hasn’t meant seeing any less of my friends. Not that I’m seeing them more…. but I’m working on it.

Goal: Keep up with 1 blog post per month

Result: I think I managed that one pretty well, too! I have more of my Art of Dreamchasing posts coming up. They might be a little delayed because Bladelore edits and Death at Peony House changes need to take priority to make sure I stay on deadline, but there will be posts!

What else have I been up to? Oh, just sky-diving out of my comfort zone.

Otherwise, balance has been a little easier now that my boyfriend has moved in. We’re a week into our new living situation and so far both of us are still alive and able to appear happy to our friends and family, so I consider that a huge success.

It’s great to have another artist in the house (feel free to read that with sarcasm if you want, but 90% of me is sincere in the statement). Bouncing around ideas, understanding the workaholic schedules and the random staring off into space. There’s no jealousy about art coming in the way of the relationship.

It also means we push each other’s limits when it comes to our art. I did that this past Valentine’s day when I helped Chris out by co-hosting his show Error 404: Show Not Found while his regular co-host was out of town.

I plan to have Chris on my blog in a couple of weeks to talk about how he moved his show from an idea to on television for the masses to watch, but in the meantime here’s a look at what an average day in our house looks like.

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