The Obligatory 2015 Wrap-Up

I meant to blog more this year. For a while I even achieved it! Then that plan went into the toilet as I realised I didn’t have much to say and my time would probably be better spent working on books to share with you guys instead of rambling about how they were going.

But it has been a busy and wonderful year. I achieved more than I dreamed I would:

In January 2015, I went down to part time work and devoted my free days to being a 3/4 time author. The change in schedule did wonders for me in so many ways. I was better able to balance between work and work, which meant more time for play. I was less active, which was a downside, but mentally so much healthier.

With the extra time, I managed to publish three novels instead of the 2 of 2014, as well as get a whole bunch ready for the 2016 line-up. I came this close to getting the entire Cadis Trilogy out in one year, but ah well, at least it won’t be too long of a wait.

In November, my part time dayjob contract came to an end, which meant I got my first taste of what FULL TIME WRITING would be like (will be like? Who knows! Lots of changes coming in 2016). In the last month, I finished the first draft of Bladelore and my gothic fantasy Song of the Blackbird. I did two rounds of edits for each draft, as well as for my urban fantasy mystery novella The Invisible Entente (which will be sent FREE to my newsletter subscribers in January), which means lots to hear about and for me to update in the new year.

On top of the work stuff, I met someone, fell head over heels for him, and am still the happiest I’ve ever been nine months later. Along with my parents, he’s been the most supportive element of my writing career and I wouldn’t have moved forward as quickly as I had without him rooting for me. In September, he started his own creative work in the television show Error 404: Show Not Found, which looks at all things geek and comedic, and I’m so thrilled and proud to be a part of the process.

What’s Next for 2016?

That depends on a few things, such as what my schedule will look like in January – I have some ideas on how that will go, but will wait to announce anything until it’s confirmed.

The big goal is going to be balance. I’m not going to go all crazy and say exercise an hour a day, and read a book a week, and do ALL THE WORK! But I want to force myself to be a little more active since my career of choice is rather sedentary; I want to make sure I stay social since my career of choice is rather solitary; and I want to make sure I find time to relax and do things for pleasure, since my career of choice is rather demanding and fun and never really stops even when I’m not in front of a computer.

As it stands right now — and I’m sharing this so you can call me on it if you see I’m not keeping on track — I would like to:

  • do 20 mins of exercise a day – it’s the bare minimum of the recommended amount, so totally doable, right? Sure, the snow is up to my knees right now, but that won’t last all year!
  • read for pleasure for 30 mins a day – alarmingly, I lost my desire to read in 2014 and it’s slowly returning. I FINALLY got back into it a month or so ago with The Princess Bride and have been tearing through my TBR since then, but want to make sure I keep up on it
  • read 1 craft book a month – either on writing, editing, or marketing. If you have any recommendations for books I should watch out for, please let me know
  • engage in 2 social events a month – this one makes me laugh, because some people might be amazed that this should be a challenge. It is. Especially this time of year when hibernation is so much more appealing
  • keep up with at least one blog post per month. I’m tacking this on at the end because I only just thought of it. I do kind of really enjoy spewing my thoughts here

That should cover it for physical and mental health, as well as give me lots of time to focus on the books I want to write – and that list is long enough to keep me busy for the next couple of years.

So there we go: 2015 in a nutshell and a look ahead at the new year. Any resolutions you’re particularly nervous or excited to start?

I wish you all a safe and very HAPPY NEW YEAR and I’ll see you in the new calendar!



  1. I could cut and paste bits of that to wrap up my year as well. 😉 Congratulations on a fabulous year! And on your new love. Wishing you all the best for 2016 and can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves.


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