Today I’m Grateful For…

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but obviously didn’t follow through. Let’s see if I’m any better this time around.

This blog was created oh-so-many years ago to focus on my books. My books now have a new home at, which opens up this blog to be a bit more versatile. A bit more… personal? I’ve been thinking a lot about marketing and exploring new ways to get my name out, and most of my ideas have come down to connecting more with my readers on a personal level. My most recent newsletter invited my amazing super team to join a Launch Team group on Facebook and I’ve really enjoyed interacting more directly with them.

Now I want that extend that personal touch to The Raven’s Quill blog, throwing in my random musings, show you more of the person behind the books.

So today I want to talk a bit about the new system I’ve implemented as part of my morning routine to (hopefully) encourage a more positive outlook on life.

About two weeks ago, I started a daily gratitude list. I try to sit down with it first thing in the morning, but if I miss that, then at least as the first task of my work day. For the first part of the list, I focus on the previous day, going through every single moment to pick out the best ones – the small moments that I would normally forget, but that make me smile when I remember. My goal for this project is to change my thinking – to make it easier to find those little moments, and so far I can say it’s working. I can now pick out 20, 30 moments in the day that leave me feeling warm and fuzzy, and almost completely wipe out all the negativity – the frustrations and irritations. It hasn’t yet helped me shrug off the rough times in the moment, but at least it starts my day off on a positive note.

The second part of the list is for the future. I write the things I want to achieve as if they’ve already happened. Not out of some expectation that these items are going to magically happen because I wrote them down, but with the belief that – if I have a concrete idea of what I want out of life – I’ll be more aware of the opportunities that will help me achieve those goals. I’ll be more likely to take chances and say “Yes” to these opportunities as they come up instead of second-guessing. Most recently, I agreed to ship off some books to reviewers who want a look at Bloodlore. Before, I might have weighed the cost of shipping against the benefit, but this time I jumped in and said “Why not?” Worst case, I get one more possible reader, but if they like it and spread the word, maybe I get 10 more, or 100 more!

So I hope to carry on with this project and slowly focus all of my thinking on the white space instead of the pencil dot in the middle of the page – focus on the possibilities instead of the problems. I’ll let you know how that comes along.

That’s my story for the day. What are you grateful for?



      1. Glad to be your friend Krista being a little looney means you fit in with me and all of my favorite friends. Have a great day 💋

  1. Hang in there Krista we are here to help you solve this problem. I love your blog and like your ideas for personal growth and development as well. I am trying to be patient and wait for Bloodlore to be available. Patience is not one of my virtues by the way. But I think I can get there. 😍 lol Sue T

    1. Soon, Sue, I promise! And if my math is correct (which is no guarantee), there should only be about a week gap between Bloodlore being available on all channels and Blightlore’s release!


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