E is for Experimentation

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone to learn that Raul earned himself the title of most notorious experimenter in Andvell. Combining magic with new sciences, he began his path from a place of peace and curiosity. Before Magdalen Stanwell, Raul held the position of House Feldall’s enchanter. He was William Feldall’s best friend, and used his skills to help protect the people, healing the sick, reading the auspices for the farmers, aiding against threats the militia couldn’t handle.

But over time, he became obsessed. He had to know more, gain more power, be what was needed to keep his friend’s rule safe. Being a scholar as well as an enchanter, he had access to ancient texts, picking up magics not just from current magic users, but from sorcerers and enchanters across time. He leaned towards darker magic, believing it’s what would be needed against the darker threats.

From magic he jumped to the developing sciences, trapping animals and seeing how they reacted to certain spells, crafting metallic skeletons that he surgically and magically melded with their natural forms. He practiced with blood magic, mind control, driving himself closer to insanity before he was chased away from Feldall’s Keep and took up his position in Treevale Fortress.

Without worrying about anyone watching over his shoulder, he dove deeper into his animal manipulation, creating the armoured cougars, bears and eagles that eventually became the army he would use in his attempts to bring the country under his rule.

It can’t go without saying that the rest of the country might start to think there’s something in the drinking water to the south of Andvell, as Raul is not the last experimenter to fumble around with unknown magic. From the same desire to protect what they care most about, both Brady Reed and Will Stanwell open books that had been lost for centuries and poke around in spells they don’t fully understand. While both claim to have a better grasp on reality than their predecessor, the consequences of their meddling may not be fully realised for a few decades yet…


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