Calling all Geeks – Your Time is Now!

Once more I step outside of the writing-focused habits of this blog to promote something outside of my chosen medium. It’s not a complete step off the TRQ path, though. As an indie author, I consider it my joy and responsibility to promote and support local artists of all types.

I’ll be up front and admit I have a personal connection with this project, but I don’t see that as a reason not to talk it up. I’ve witnessed first hand the amount of passion and work that has gone into the smallest details; the hours and frustrations; the determination and perseverance. From the script, the graphics, the voice work, the brainstorming — not to mention everything on the business side in creating pitches and selling the idea — the minds behind Error 404: Show Not Found (Chris Reddie, Jack Garrard, and Adam Tupper) deserve all the credit we can throw at them.

What is Error 404: Show Not Found? This show is your source for all the latest headlines, reviews, and relevant issues to the growing geek community. With a heavy dose of comedy, the sketches and highlights are sure to make you laugh even while you take in the pros and cons of (for example) upgrading to Windows 10 or recent video game controversies.

While the television segment of the show is limited to the local Ottawa area, the plan is to offer extensive online content so no matter where you are, you can enjoy the ridiculousness of Action Figure Theatre [watch the video here] or join in the conversation of Geeks of the Round Table.

They’re only just getting started, but considering how prominent geek culture is becoming, I can see this show being the start of something far reaching as it evolves. So get in on the ground floor, show your support for some local artists and search them out!

Where you can you find them? Most importantly, the show kicks off on Rogers TV (Channel 22 for us Ottawa folk) on September 20, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. — right before the Simpson’s in your Sunday night line-up! Before then, you can catch the pilot episode on September 13 at that same time.


First — be sure to subscribe to their new youTube channel! As more footage is released, content will ramp up quickly

Second — give them a “like” on Facebook

Third — follow E404show on Twitter; you can also follow Chris Reddie and Adam Tupper personally. And you should.They’re pretty great.



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