Author Q&A: Paddy Kelly

While my own projects continue at a steady pace — with a third project now introduced, because apparently two is not sufficient – I decided it would be a great time to introduce you to some other fantasy authors and see what they have on the go!

This week, I introduce Paddy Kelly:

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. Your hopes, your dreams, your favourite childhood idol?

paddy-kelly-cropWith pleasure. I’m an Irish man in my mid forties, exiled to Sweden because of a romantic accident. I live and work in Stockholm as a programmer in a mobile games company. Maybe you’ve heard of Candy Crush? Yeah, we make that one. Sorry about that.

When not crouched behind a desk in my day job, I read, I run and I dance. Swing dance, mostly, although I was a prize-winning Irish dancer in my youth. True. I’m also a huge fan of craft beer and get all excited whenever new-beer day rolls around in my local outlet of the Systembolaget, the Swedish state-run alcohol store. I also love porridge and rhubarb. And if you would present me with a porridge and rhubarb beer, I’ll probably marry you on the spot.

  1. You have a new project about to come out – what’s it about?

I have a science fiction story, Lonely Hearts of the Spinward Ring, appearing in Analog magazine in the very near future. How near a future I’m not entirely sure, as they haven’t yet told me. They have, however, paid me, with a check I framed and will never cash as it’s my first fiction sale to a major magazine after 25 years of scribbling. Otherwise I’m working on my contemporary fantasy, Rare Beasts, which will be done by November. There’s not enough hours in the day. More hours!

  1. Why should people read your work?

Um … I don’t know. Because they don’t suck? My amazon reviews indicate that people like the two things I’ve made public so far. I’ve even had fan mail. Which is weird. But nice. But weird.

  1. Who is your target audience?

Adults with a twisted sense of humour. I’ve written in many genres, but I like funny and strange things above all, as well as putting new angles on tired tropes. Although I’ve written a children’s book too. For sick and twisted children.

  1. Of everything you’ve learned and developed over your projects, what are you most proud of achieving?

That a proper magazine actually paid me for my fiction. That feels huge.

  1. What is your writing process?

I write best in the early morning, in a room with no noise and no distractions. And no music! I don’t understand people who write to music. I make coffee, sit down, open Scrivener, do some light editing of the previous page and get to work. The earlier the better, as my morning brain is unable to speak or manipulate physical objects, but is very good at getting words on the screen.

I also get great ideas while I’m in the shower. So I shower a lot.

On a good day — like a Sunday with no office to go to — I might get 2500 words down. But I do write every single day, even if only for twenty minutes. Otherwise I feel angry with myself.

  1. If you could have drinks with any author, living or dead, who would it be and what would you talk about?

That’s tricky. Although I’m sure Shakespeare would have been a blast. Not that I’d understand much of what he said, but I bet he knew some great bars. [nice choice! Probably mine, as well]

  1. What is your favourite writing snack?

Instant coffee. I can’t have snacks when I write as the tiny evil bits get under the keys on the keyboard and that drives me insane. Click click crunch. I hate that. I’ve been know to purchase compressed air in order to flush those buggers out. So no snacks. Coffee and silence.

  1. Do you cast movies in your head as you write? If so, who would you cast as your favourite character?

I don’t. I never had. I don’t either have a 100% image of what my characters look like, beyond a few details. The reader needs room to create the characters for themselves. And I don’t watch a great many movies these days, mainly due to a lack of patience.

  1. How can people find you?

scaryBy painting a circle upon the ground with the blood of a yak and singing Air Supply songs as you sprinkle gold dust onto a black candle.

Or, alternatively, at one of these places:

I’m also a member of the Stockholm Writers Group:

DeepShell-smallAnd my books! Don’t forget my books.



I read lots of non-fiction, mostly history books with some weird angle.

Sweet or salty:

Gotta say salty. I’m a total salt maniac.

HBO or Netflix:

HBO, as that’s what I started with. Also, Netflix in Sweden is kind of shit.

Talk or text:

Text, a million times text. No-one should be calling up any more when you can send text messages. In fact, if everyone just shut up almost always, I’d be thrilled.

Paperback or ebook:

Hmm. Paper. But a close call. I do love my kindle but you can’t messily squish mosquitoes with one. Well, not more than once.



  1. Hey, I tried that yak blood thing and you didn’t show. Well, okay, we don’t have yaks around here so it may or may not have been something else. Possibly ketchup. And I was fresh out of gold dust. I figured glitter would work but apparently not because the only think that appeared in the circle was a clown holding a hot dog. ;P Great interview.


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