B is for Brady

A tall wiry man with ginger hair that reached his chin and curled under his ears, the scholar had homed in on the first book he could find. He appeared to be absorbed in whatever he was reading, but every now and then sent an appraising glance towards Jeff

Brady Reed: a man of unlimited curiosity and a mind like a steel trap for the written word. He grew up in Feldall Territory, essentially adopted by William Feldall at a young age to apprentice with the House scholar when the boy’s insatiable love of knowledge became apparent. At five years old, he was taking apart farm equipment on his parents’ land to figure out how it worked. By six years old, he was a member of House Feldall, and had lost his heart to Jasmine Feldall, taking her for picnics in the Fountain and helping with her studies. His passion for her never faded as she grew into a woman of strength and independence – not even when she fell in love with someone else.

Always more at home with his books than with the people around him, Brady had a difficult time blending with the family, unable to understand the other children’s desire to play. Fortunately, William had a high respect for him, tutoring him personally and standing up for him when other higher ranking peers tried to put him in his place. William Feldall believed intelligence held more importance in leadership than strength, so held Brady up as his ideal. Instead of inflating Brady’s ego, William’s encouragement only made him extra determined to absorb more from the thousands of books he now had access to. While he did develop a certain arrogance over time, it’s the sort that shows itself as a desire to raise others, and to use his knowledge to help those in need.

Not that Brady’s curiosity and love of learning doesn’t get the man into trouble. Superficial understanding is never enough for him, which means no matter how unpleasant or dark the lesson, he’ll dismantle each element until he can see the foundation. He’d go right down to what first inspired the idea if he could. This perseverance leads him down some dark paths, the consequences affecting not only him, but his entire family.

Brady Reed is the model of the caveat that knowledge can be a double-edged sword.



  1. I always liked Brady and really enjoyed this character sketch about him. I somehow knew he was incredibly brilliant. Now I know he is in fact a genius. I could never figure out why it took so long for Jasmine to realize how amazing he really is.

    1. Probably because he has such a difficult time expressing himself. He spends so much time in his head that showing it would be a challenge, so Jasmine went for the visibly “alpha” male. Fortunately for everyone involved, she saw through his flaws 😉

      Thanks for the comment! It was so much fun digging into Brady’s mind.


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