A Gothic Wednesday WIPpet

That’s right! For at least one week, I’m jumping onto the WW team* to share some lines from one of my current projects.

At the moment, I’m slogging through the last draft of Blightlore before it’s shipped off to my editor next week, which means everything else is on hold. Which means no progress on Song of the Blackbird. Which makes me sad, because I’m really enjoying Blackbird. It’s a new tone and atmosphere, giving me the opportunity to stretch my literary fiction muscles as well as my entertainment fiction.

2015-08-01 10.04.10Crowley, the imp familiar I adopted from Steamdragon Studio, is my companion for this draft, so no doubt you’ll be seeing pictures of him floating around this blog, my Facebook page … my Twitter account … on the table beside me at the coffee shop when I venture outside into the real world…

So as it’s been a while since I participated in this weekly tradition, I figure I’ll start at the beginning and share the very first paragraph, introducing the hero of our gothic tale, Mr. Sebastian Harkens:

No one seeing Sebastian Harkens arrive in town that foggy November morning would have thought him a healthy man. His charcoal gray suit hung loose on his wide shoulders, the black shirt open at the collar to reveal the pale skin of his neck where it disappeared under the sooty black stubble on his chin. Waves of thick black hair curled over his forehead and down around his ears, wild and neglected, and the dark circles bruising his eyes suggested sleep had long forsaken him. Without exchanging a word with him, anyone would know this shadow of a man had developed out of a tragic story. Now he had arrived at my father’s bed and breakfast, and, for the life of me, I couldn’t guess why.

There you go – the first and earliest of sneak peeks. If there’s interest, I’ll share another one next week. I’m too excited about Blackbird to want to keep it to myself.

If you want more updates about this project, and Blightlore, and book 3 of the Cadis Trilogy, and to enter to win a signed copy of a book of your choice, and get the first look of the beautiful Blightlore cover, and have the opportunity to be added to my early review reader list, and get free short stories I plan to start throwing into the world every once in a while, then you should sign up for my newsletter before August 15! Even if it’s after the 15th, you might miss the giveaway and the cover reveal, but the other offers will still be available, so come and join the fun!

*Thanks, as always, to K.L. Schwengel for hosting the WIPpeteers.


  1. Woo-hooooo!!!! Love having you breeze back in. And LOVE this excerpt. What a great description of the character. It brings up all sorts of questions that I want answered.


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