News, Update, Introduction


The news: I decided to experiment a little bit with book distribution, so as of yesterday, Bloodlore is available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited. This means some great perks for those enrolled in the program, but look for some great sales coming up in the next three months as well for all Kindle users.

A Cadis Trilogy update: Blightlore came back from my alpha reader today, which means I’m about to dive into the next round of edits. The notes I got back, added to the cover by Jeff Brown, have made me even more excited to share it with you, and based on the current schedule, barring any major life upheavals, November 2015 is looking likely for the release!

A Song of the Blackbird update: this gothic fantasy novel has crawled under my skin and won’t let go. I’m enjoying playing with the new tone, the new POV (my first attempt at writing first person in years), and the new characters. It’s given me the opportunity to study teachings from Pythagoras, to play with Greek mythology, and to listen to endless concertos and symphonies. I have such high hopes for the result of this project that I’m almost afraid to work on it — worried the reality won’t match what’s in my head. But my rational brain kicks in and reminds me that I can live with perfection in my head as long as I want — if I want anyone else to enjoy it, I’ll need to get the ideal a bit dirty on the page, and use the edits to bring it closer to what I want it to be. It’s a good reminder not to let high standards get in the way of doing the work.

The other exciting item I want to share is that, starting next week, I’ll be kicking off a new blog series. I haven’t given up on the Gothic Fiction series, but at the moment I’m slugging my way through Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho, which is more epic than the epic I expected it to be (I confess I’m cross-reading with some lighthearted Agatha Christie mysteries). So, to fill the void until the next GF post, I would like to present:


26 weeks(ish) of delving into the people, places, and species you love most about this magical world. The history of Andvellian dragons, or House Gendron, the royal family; some backstory of Brady Reed or our old friend, Raul; factoids, common themes, geography. It’ll be like high school lessons about subjects that don’t actually exist! I’m looking forward to digging into all of it, but a project like this needs a bit of reader participation. Have any subjects you especially want to read about? Leave a comment below with your ideas!


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