Meratis Trilogy FLASH SALE

Good morning folks!

Today’s an exciting day for me. To help spread the word about the existence of my Meratis Trilogy, I applied for a BookBub ad – supposedly the be all and end all of online advertising. I’ve heard mixed success stories depending on genre, day of the week, phase of the moon, so if anyone is interesting in hearing my results and how it might or might not work for you, leave a message in the comments and I’ll share another post this week with some stats.

EventideEbook-Cover-loresBut that’s not the only reason today is great. Not only is EVENSONG still free, but EVENTIDE is temporarily on sale for 99c! This means you could purchase the entire Trilogy for less than $10!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate, Passover to those who celebrate, and Chocolate Day to all!



    1. hehe, yes it is! And I’ll definitely do that! I’ll give it a few days in case there’s carry over tomorrow, but come Wednesday I’ll share some observations! 😀


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