Why I won’t review your book

This post perfectly sums up my own feelings on all matters review.

Barb Taub

Why do you give such high ratings to all the books you review?”

cocaineIt’s a fair question, and not the first time I’ve been asked. The answer is simple. I don’t review books I know I won’t like. That doesn’t mean I only accept them from a particular genre, but rather that I triage the ones I read. If I can tell right away that I won’t like it, I don’t accept it for a review. If I get a few chapters into it and realize my review will be under three stars, I tell the author. (Not one has ever asked that I go ahead with the review.)

I was adding a review to Goodreads recently for a book that had almost all five-star reviews and noticed there was one reviewer who only gave it two stars. I was curious, so I looked at that review. The reviewer…

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  1. Thanks, Krista! Both for the reblog, and for introducing me to your amazing blog. Please keep me in mind if you’re looking for reviews on your next release.

    1. You’re most welcome – thank you for putting these thought so distinctly into words! I think prople often forget they’re messing with people’s careers when they give low reviews – literature is subjective!

      I would love that! I’ll shoot you a message when the next comes out (Likely May). I’ll make sure to check out your sub requirements!


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