Cleaning up and Staying Warm

There’s really no point complaining about the weather. I know this. No matter how much we whine and complain, it’s Canada and it’s February, and it’s going to be cold. That being said: *LOUD LONG DRAWN-OUT GROAN*. We’ve lapsed into another deep-freeze in Ottawa, and I find my patience growing thin.

But I’m not (always) sitting around staring longingly out the window waiting for some sign that the snow is starting to melt (It’s not even the snow! Bring on the snow! Let’s just get back to seasonal temps, all right, Mother Nature? WE HAD A DEAL). I have a lot of exciting projects in the works that are keeping me very busy.

Because what’s the best way to escape a long, cold winter? Writing a new novel, of course! That’s right, I’m back in drafting mode and it’s going very well. The first draft of Venn’s first book, Bloodlore, reached the 50% mark early this week and I’m enjoying where she’s taking me. Well, “enjoying” is perhaps not the right word. It’s dark. But no matter what they get themselves into, Venn has so far managed to keep her own brand of eerie cheerfulness as long as she has a blade in hand. Good times.

Although this novel has made me notice a trend I have when writing, and I’m curious if other writers fall into the same pattern. I seem to set my stories in the opposite season I’m in right now. Even as Ottawa dips in the -40*C, Andvell’s in the middle of a late-summer heatwave. When I drafted Evenlight in September in the last days of summer, it was the middle of winter. I see it as a form of internal temperature regulation.

But I digress. Bloodlore! If you want to stay up to date on how the novel is coming along, I’ve cleaned up the site a bit to update some pages, and The Cadis Trilogy page is up! As Bloodlore moves into each new stage, I’ll try to stay on top of letting you know where it stands. Not as a “SO YOU SEE, IT’LL BE OUT SOON!”, because like any major project there will always be delays and set-backs. At present, I have no concrete release date in mind. But in terms of the publishing process, and even the writing process, maybe someone will find it of interest. I tried to do the same with the Meratis Trilogy – mostly just as a spot of fun.

Speaking of the business of self-publishing, and continuing with my trend of “firsts” this year, I had my first podcast spot last week! Self-publishing Round Table invited me to chat about my process, and we moved on to other important subjects, like poutine. You can watch it here.

I also received word from a reader today who was having difficulty purchasing book 2, Eventide from Amazon. I’ve re-uploaded the file, but if anyone else is having difficulty, please let me know!



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