Awesome Adventure Academy and “Boardgames”

January was a month of firsts for me in terms of publishing. First time I’ve focused on my writing for days at a time instead of around a dayjob schedule, first time I hit a nice sales milestone, and my first convention!

2015-01-30 16.41.44

The brainchild and test run for artist Adam Tupper and his organization Wonder Geeks Activate, along with a few other talented and energetic people, the AAA involved some amazing cosplayers, improv, artists, and all things geek culture, with the catchy catchphrase #likeschoolonlyfun

My booth at the start of the day. My table buddy and bestie Megan is already hard at work to convince people my books are worth the read ;)

My booth at the start of the day. My table buddy and bestie Megan is already hard at work to convince people my books are worth the read 😉

I had a blast! Made so many new connections, and bought some beautiful art from Rich Lauzon, Katie McCarthy, and Jolie Stripes. The novel pictured is a YA fantasy/horror by Kevin T. Johns.


I also had fun perusing the wares of Steamdragon Studio, a booth of steampunk/gothic curios including shrunken heads, monkey paws, mummy hands, and Marv, the mummy stuffed in a trunk. Each item comes with its own myth or legend, all adding to the atmosphere.


I inherited an imp familiar, that I think will end up named Crowley.

2015-02-01 12.36.53

Rob Olsen with Geek Inked Magazine was also awesome enough to give EVENSONG a plug in his article on the event. Want to know what the AAA was all about? Give the article a read!

Based on this experience, I’d jump at the chance to do it again. I love the opportunity to meet new readers in person. A few have come back to keep in touch so if any of you are reading *waves* Hello!

Last week I skipped posting my short story, but I’ve been good at keeping up on them! I technically have not missed a day since I started (read: I’ve missed days, but caught up). Today I’ll share one called “Boardgames”.


“You totally cheated!” Sarah cried. “It fell on the five.”

Gary laughed. “It did not. A clear six and anyone will vouch for me. Chuck?”

“Of course Chuck will vouch for you — he’s on your team! I saw a five.”

“Kara, ladies, calm yourselves,” said Chuck, raising his hands in a gesture that had the opposite effect than intended. He ducked to evade a projectile chip bag and snatched out a hand to stop his drink from toppling. “Hey now. Just because you’re losing–”

He had no time to finish before a pillow launched at him next. He caught it in the chest and collapsed on the floor. “Man down. I’m hit, Gary. Go on without me.”

Gary grabbed the dice. “I’ll make it up to you, man. I will avenge you! Come on, four.”

And he rolled.


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