Book Launch!

We’ll consider this an update post for my future self, so years from now when I’m bored and going through old blog posts, I can say, “Oh yeah, I remember that really amazing week. That was good times.”

Because this week really has been jumpingly exciting (one can be hopping mad, so I’m going to say one can also be jumping excited). Not only did I just win SEVEN DOLLARS on a Bingo scratch lottery card, but yesterday marked my third and most fun book launch/signing event. A big thanks to Black Squirrel Books for hosting me!

I set up at noon and had a rush of people until close to 4:00, nearly selling out of the stock I’d brought with me. My bestie baked an incredible vanilla & white chocolate cake with strawberry jam filling, and I’m fully willing to accept it drew most of the crowd to my table.

The set-up of the day. The rest of the books I brought are out of sight, but most of them went!

The set-up of the day. The rest of the books I brought are out of sight, but most of them went!

Photo by the wonderful Viktor S. DeVice!

Photo by the wonderful Viktor S. DeVice!

I’m reminded on a regular basis of how wonderful my friends and family are, but never more so than yesterday when so many of them came to show their support and save me from the cake. Most of my business cards disappeared, as well as the postcards I carry around for promo material, and I have a sneaking suspicion some of those cards ended up forgotten in various public places.

2015-01-22 09.00.52

When people came in off the street to see what was going on, my friends were quick to pitch in with how much they enjoyed Evensong, and I owe them a pint or two for a few sales!

Thanks to Adam Tupper, I had a lot of pretty and colourful items to display, and the prints were pretty popular! Who can resist Hello Talfyr’s horradorableness?

2015-01-25 11.55.46

The end result of the day was for me to become the most successful author event at this Black Squirrel Books, and to cart out a bag of books far lighter than I hauled in. Considering the cake, the company, and the conclusion – I’m calling it a conquest!  Not actually, but alliteration is fun, right?

It’s also one week since I set EVENSONG to a free ebook, and I must say the results have made me very happy. Thanks to everyone who shared the link of my blog post or told someone they should grab it. It’s both terrifying and thrilling to know so many new people are picking up Jeff’s story and following along with him. I really love this series and it’s exciting to hear back from people saying that they love it as well!

In fact, I love the series so much, it’s not letting me go. I told myself I would take a break from Andvell. I have other characters in other worlds waiting for me, patiently sitting by until its their turn. Venn is not a patient human being. She’s begging like my cat at dinner time for me to pay attention to HER. So … BITTEN BY FIRE edits WILL be starting in a week or so, and I’ve been busy brainstorming the rest of Kat’s series, but it looks like Venn might make it out first after all. I’ll keep you up to date about where all this stands.


No, I didn’t say that. I’m sorry, Imagination. Please don’t leave me.

Coming up soon, I have a Q&A with a new author I’ve come across who has something really unique to offer you, and another short page-a-day story on Thursday!


  1. Hi Krista, I’m so excited for you and your success! Naturally, I would like to order my copy of Evenlight. Do you think you will make it to service one day soon? It’s been a while since we’ve since you! Love, Nicole Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 00:23:01 +0000 To:

    1. OSPC has been on my mind a LOT the last few weeks and how I need to get back to recharge! So many positive changes have happened since last June, but they’ve kept me busy! Book events will keep me away the next two weeks, but I really want to make it the week after. Don’t worry about waiting for EVENLIGHT, though! A signed copy for you is already with my dad 🙂


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