RELEASE: A Step Too Far – A Meratis Short Story

First, a thank you to everyone who reblogged, retweeted, Facebook shared, told their grandparents, whispered to the neighbourhood cat about my EVENLIGHT release! You turned a regular freezing cold Tuesday into something really special.

But the good news doesn’t end there! Have you already read EVENSONG? Want more Meratis goodness?

As promised, the FREE Meratis short story is now available!  You can reach it by following this sign-up form. Worry not! In signing up for this form, you’re not agreeing to any emails from me (that’s a different link for my newsletter. You can sign up for that one here). You’ll be given the option to leave a review of EVENSONG (which I do hope you will. It’s the greatest gift an author can receive to help spread the word), and provided with the password to download the story (it’s in bold at the top of the text).

Thank you in advance for all of your time and support.  And if you think the announcements end here, you’re very much mistaken. Keep your eye glued to this page (or  follow the blog and then you can go about your lives and come back when it’s posted) for some more exciting Meratis news!

Cover by Colin F. Barnes

Cover by Colin F. Barnes

A message in a bottle ends up in the hands of Feldall scholar, Brady Reed. Someone is trapped under the rubble of Treevale Fortress and is begging for help. Against his reservations, Brady goes with the Feldall twins and the House enchantress to unravel yet another mystery of Raul’s cursed stronghold. What they find leaves Brady questioning his own obsession for knowledge, and the risks of going a step too far. 



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    If you’ve read EVENSONG, then I suggest you jump on this offer. If you haven’t read EVENSONG… why?!!?


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