EVENLIGHT Released! The Meratis Trilogy Wraps Up

Meratis Covers (1)Two weeks(ish) from now will be 2 years since the original release date for EVENSONG. I didn’t know how well the story would be received. It’s a bit tongue in cheek, a bit writer-focused, and yet the response has been phenomenal. It ate someone’s brain (in the words of Kate Sparkes)! How could I ever get a better review than that?

But then in June 2014, I released EVENTIDE. The books that “raises the stakes with an even richer and more satisfying second act”.

It’s hard to wrap my head around how little time has past since that first book came out. Considering everything that’s happened since then, it feels like longer. Now that I think of it, Jeff expresses the same thoughts in the first few pages of the EVENLIGHT, which happens to take place along a similar timeline. I didn’t plan that, but it does add a nice new layer of metafiction to an already uber metafictional tale.

Today I get to celebrate that the trilogy is complete! One last chance for you to connect with your favourite Andvellian characters – or maybe be introduced to them with the whole collection at once!

Need the final installment? There are officially buy links!

Evenlight-EbookCover-V3-loResJeff Powell wants nothing more than to leave his adventures behind him, but he owes a debt and the Sisters intend to collect, no matter the cost. Stealing Cassie in exchange for Jeff’s returned imagination, he and Venn are enlisted to save Andvell from destruction.

With Brady’s mind being taken over by Talfyr’s, Jasmine unwell, and Jayden brooding over his broken heart, Jeff must rely on the strength of their friendship to find Cassie and save multiple worlds from being torn apart by growing rifts in the Veil.

As the doorway between worlds closes, Jeff needs to choose which side he’ll end up on, and what he’s willing to give up before the end.

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Here for the first time and not sure what you’re getting into? I have the full Meratis Starter-Kit, including buy linksan excerpt from the first chapter and some fun character interviews.

Reviews are an author’s best friend, so once you’ve finished reading, please head over to Amazon.com to leave your thoughts on the book! Want more Feldall once you’re done? Shoot me an email and I’ll send over a FREE Meratis Short Story that takes place between EVENSONG and EVENTIDE.




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