A Short Story Announcement and Daughter of Time: Blooper Reel

I’m at Day 5 of Writerlife 2.0 and all I can say is if this is what having time feels like, it’s going to be an amazing year.  So far I’ve been pretty good at keeping my alarm going off at 5am, even if I let myself stay in bed until 6, and sticking to my plan of going for at least a half hour walk a day (a schedule that will be thrown off this week due to the temperatures that I will only describe as “argh winter”).

I’ve finished revisions on book one of my new Daughter of Time series, BITTEN BY FIRE. It’s off to betas this week and my editor next week. In my last post, I mentioned that there were many typos appearing in my latest draft making me laugh. There turned out to be so many that I did put a blog post together with my favourites. You can find them below.

Today I started re-reading book two, BITTER COLD, which I’ve pulled out of the trunk and can see how much work it needs to make it readable, but it’s fun to see how the characters developed from the last book. Rewrites will be next week’s project.

It might sound like DoT has taken over my life, but for the time being, Meratis is still the focus on my heart. My betas have started getting back to me with loads of positive feedback, which keeps me hopeful that January 13, 2015 is still a good possibility for the ebook release with the print version ready shortly after! I plan to have all sorts of promo posts to go with EVENLIGHT, including a cover reveal later this week, but I have other exciting news first!

EVENSONG needs some review love, and since I love my readers, I’m looking to enlist some help in exchange for more Feldall fun.  I will soon be offering a free Meratis short story, A Step Too Far, for those of you who a) leave a review on Amazon.com and b) want a free Meratis short story. I’m working on getting a Mailchimp form set up, so it’ll be as easy as sending me your email address once you’ve posted the review and I’ll email the short story over to you in whatever format you prefer.

Cover by Colin F. Barnes

Cover by Colin F. Barnes

A message in a bottle ends up in the hands of Feldall scholar, Brady Reed. Someone is trapped under the rubble of Treevale Fortress and is begging for help. Against his reservations, Brady goes with the Feldall twins and the House enchantress to unravel yet another mystery of Raul’s cursed stronghold. What they find leaves Brady questioning his own obsession for knowledge, and the risks of going a step too far. 

Another post will go up as soon as the story is ready and the mailchimp form is set up, so keep your eyes peeled!

And now for some typo fun: I present the blooper reel from my last BITTEN BY FIRE draft.

“Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll take your clothes to be watched.” – a minor character presenting a deep paranoia over inanimate objects. Not an intentional subplot for the character, but maybe it will develop into one…

“Barret shows the opposite end of the second sofa” – the action tag on a screenplay as the German officer pauses from his role of surly bodyguard in order to play gameshow demonstrator.

“This is what comes of believing in fairy tails and bogeymen.” – I imagine I would have some weird dreams if I believed in fairy tails as well. Although maybe it would go a long way to explaining why they’re so reclusive.

“True that [censored to avoid spoilers] had not been the best outcome of our trip to Raul” – Unintentional story crossover! Although I’m sure a confrontation between Kat and Raul would be fascinating (and maybe down the road, just for fun, a flash fiction will appear that crosses them over), it would give the story a very different twist!

“A breeze of sweet evening hair blew past me” *cough* *choke*. I’m afraid, if you haven’t already noticed, air/hair is a common one for me. I blame my French genes.

“and for months you’ve been on my feels” – this line is supposed to be spoken by a bad guy to a good guy. Instead of expressing the intensity of baddie’s irritation, I can’t help but imagine Starlord delivering this line before he switches on his walkman in protest.

What are some of the favourite typos you’ve ever come across?




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