Ringing in 2015

I wrote my wrap-up post on Monday for 2014, but now the calendars have flipped over and I want to share what my new year looks like.

Today is my official start of Writerlife 2.0 a.k.a full-time authorhood. I have two days a week of part-time dayjob, and five days a week that I can dedicate to making my novels the best quality possible before giving them to you. Which I hope to do many times over the next twelve months.

I’ll get to a loose calendar below, but first, as I do most years on this blog, I want to look to you to see what I should do more of on TRQ. What do you want to see? More excerpts? More cover reveals and interviews with other authors? Should I take the risk of embarrassing myself and start that vlog? I hope to have all of these things going on, but where should I focus my efforts? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below!

I crossed a final book off my TBR last night, adding another Dickens to my list of reads. I only just found out the man had a thing for Christmas. More than the The Christmas Carol, he has a full collection of Christmas-related short stories and how the holiday changes the world for its one day. The Haunted Man stood out especially for me – about a Chemistry professor haunted by the troubles of his past. He makes a deal with a Spirit to take away all memory of his sorrows and troubles, and to give this gift to others. Trouble is, with no memory of his pain, he loses all compassion and turns everyone around him into unsympathetic monsters. An interesting reminder to be grateful for the hardships as well as the blessings.

I’ll have to come back to this story as the year goes on and my full time writerhood poses its challenges.

So how am I planning to stay busy in the year to come?  I’ll have no lack of projects

1) EVENLIGHT should be ready to go by January 13! The proofreaders are busy catching typos and the cover should be ready by the end of the weekend (interested in helping me with the cover reveal? Shoot me a message or leave a comment below!) .

2) I hope to have a launch party for book 3, celebrating that the entire trilogy is done. I can also jump up and down with excitement because I’ll have more than the books to offer at my table now. My good friend and artist Adam Tupper added a few Andvell characters to his “Hello Kitty” portfolio. The coloured prints should be on their way to me soon, but for $10 each, you’ll be able to own your very own adorable “Hello Sisters” or “Hello Talfyr”

2014-12-17 12.16.492014-12-17 12.17.02

Aren’t they too precious for words? I couldn’t be happier.

3) I’ve pulled my Daughter of Time novels out of the trunk and am attempting to make something out of them. The first book is getting ready to go out to beta and undergoing some pretty thorough revisions. I’m thinking of having a “blooper reel” post here. The old draft I worked on was perfect in terms of typography. I found not a single typo as I worked from it. The same cannot be said for the new draft. Apparently, my fingers didn’t work with their usual attention to detail. This draft contains gems like “She turned to catch the window on her face”, and “An uninteresting looking man with plain brain hair and brown eyes.” And that’s only 30 pages into the book.

DoT is a 5-book historical/urban fantasy series. The first two books were written four years ago and need to be rewritten, with a few plots outlined for the last three books. If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’m buried under a pile of papers!

So that’s 2015 in a nutshell, plus all the craziness I’ll squeeze in between drafts. So HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I hope you all keep me in the loop with your own plans in the months to come.



  1. Sounds exciting!!! I hope I can make the trilogy celebration/EL launch. And can’t wait to read DoT… Best wishes for an amazing 2015!

    1. I hope you can as well! I’ll be sure to post the details as soon as I have more of them. And DoT should be with you on schedule. Just reading it over now and, while it still needs mucho work, I’m enjoying it!


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