Where Did 2014 Go?

I have been remiss in posting on this blog, and considering the number of things that have happened in my writing life over the last couple of months, it’s inexcusable. I have so many people to thank, so much work to give credit to and highlight, and with the year drawing to a close I feel I should do it soon!

You will, however, be seeing more of me around the Raven’s Quill in 2015. I’m entering, as my friends and I have dubbed it, Writerlife 2.0: becoming a full time author with a part time dayjob. There may be a lack of exclamation points following that last sentence, but only because there’s not enough room in this post to contain them all. I’m beyond excited and nervous about this next step. It’s not going to be an easy one, and no doubt many of the posts in the new year will be me sobbing about the stresses of it, but when life hands you the opportunity to follow your passion and your dreams, it would be foolish to ignore it.

Part of my new goal will be posting more regularly, sharing my thoughts about the full time process–what’s working and what really isn’t. The pitfalls I find, and the joys. I look forward to facing them all.

That’s one big news, but it’s far from my only, and it’s more than I can sum up in one post – not if I want to keep you reading the whole way through to make sure that the people who have been such a big help to me get their time in the spotlight!

As my second item–did you know I was turned into a pin-up?!?!?!

It came out of the blue one day that a very good friend of mine had this piece commissioned by Jason Robichaud of Pinups for Cancer, where 50% of the profits are donated to cancer research (I know the artist and he’s good people, so this program is legit).

Art by Jason Robichaud at pinupsforcancer.blogspot.com

Art by Jason Robichaud at pinupsforcancer.blogspot.com

A pirate wench sitting on a raven’s quill, holding a copy of EVENSONG (in the actual print, the cover is very clear and awesome) and wearing a raven corset, which I own. I love this print! They are up for sale, and there are bookmarks as well!

As a final item, EVENLIGHT IS ALMOST HERE!!!! Save the date as January 13, 2015 and keep your fingers crossed it all moves smoothly. The draft is in the final steps towards formatting and I’m just waiting on my beautifully detailed cover by the talented Kevin Lester – as soon as that’s ready to share there will be another post.

What I do have for you is a blurb! That’s right – EVENLIGHT has its own now!

Jeff Powell wants nothing more than to leave his adventures behind him, but he owes a debt and the Sisters intend to collect, no matter the cost. Stealing Cassie in exchange for Jeff’s returned imagination, he and Venn are enlisted to save Andvell from destruction.

With Brady’s mind being taken over by Talfyr’s, Jasmine unwell, and Jayden brooding over his broken heart, Jeff must rely on the strength of their friendship to find Cassie and save multiple worlds from being torn apart by growing rifts in the Veil.

As the doorway between worlds closes, Jeff needs to choose which side he’ll end up on, and what he’s willing to give up before the end.

EVENLIGHT, as you recall, was my trouble child. I had to scrap it and restart, and even on the second go there was more hand-wringing and hair-pulling than good days. But by the end, I fell in love. We accepted our differences, embraced our challenges, and me and Meratis are now a big happy family, with EVENLIGHT being the favourite (shh.. don’t tell the others!)

I’m sure I’ll be doing a recap blog post before the end of the year as well, because so much as happened since January. I went from having one small anthology out in the world to having 2 novels, a third on the way, and soon a whole new routine to look forward to. Amazing how life works out sometimes. You can also look forward to the post where I display all the contributors to the #AndvellArt project!!!!!! I’m very excited about that one – you can look forward to it on Monday, I think. So many creative and original art pieces/short stories/presentations – no doubt you’ll be as floored by some of them as I was.

So don’t run away too quickly, 2014. You and I still have some business.



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