Andvell Art and Novel Inspiration

G’day! How are you all doing? I’m quite well, thanks. Having just got back from a week in England doing various touristy things and learning lots of fascinating history and information, my brain is full of thoughts and ideas and characters and … well, we’ll see what comes of it.

The #AndvellArt contest continues and I’ve received a number of submissions so far, which has me MOST excited. The quality has been great, I’ve laughed, I’ve jumped up and down and clapped my hands. I’m also very happy I’m not judging them. There’s still one more month to submit if you’re interested. The information about rules and – more fun – prizes can be found here. This is your time to get creative! To day I’ve received art, words, and baked goods! There’s no limit except what your own imagination can concoct.

Now on the VACATION SLIDES!!! *Pretends not to hear the groans as everyone pours another glass of wine and waits for the slideshow to begin*

On the first day, I and my hosts went to Warwick Castle. Fascinating place, and even more so because of the way they set up the display — using wax figures! Talk about giving animation and context to otherwise empty rooms. Some of them, Winston Churchill, especially, were eerily real. Right down to the shine in his eyes. I seriously expected him to look up at me at any moment and blink. And then speechify.

P1010370 P1010391


Another day, we went to Stratford-upon-Avon, where many big names have gone, making the pilgrimage to Shakespeare’s home. Was it worth it? Did it live up to expectation? Silly questions, really. I was sharing space with someone who’s claim to words inspires me in ways that few other authors manage. I toured his birthplace, where his daughter and grandaughter lived, the last place he lived in and died (even though the house itself was demolished in 1959 because the owner had an issue with the Poor Tax. Jerk).

P1010432 P1010436 P1010480

A bit of shopping between events, but before I went home, we headed to the Black Country Living Museum, a recreated Victorian town. Fish and Chips, confectionery, outfitter’s, pub, and everything in between – it really did feel like getting lost in time. Each building, including Thomas Newcomen’s first steam engine, were taken from their original sites and rebuilt to form this town. So much passion and dedication to history, felt and appreciated by everyone walking through!

P1010563 P1010569 P1010586 P1010590

I foresee Katerina spending some time in this era, but a few other fullbodied people stepped into my head, so who knows what will come out of everything I saw and picked up on the trip.

In sum: travel is awesome, and send in your #AndvellArt!


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