Contest! And Page-a-Day Challenge Week 3: Pier 21

Last week I mentioned a brewing idea for a contest. I was still figuring out dates and prizes, but I think I have it narrowed down.

So here we go: I hereby present THE MERATIS CHALLENGE

I think the nature of this contest is extra fitting considering the trade Jeff enters into with the Sisters in Evensong, which would make any submission from him next to impossible. (Yes, I realise that’s a low blow and right now, he’s giving me the stink eye in the my head. But I stand by my assessment)

The terms:

Submissions of fan art or fan fiction based on the Meratis books/world/characters

Fan art can consist of, but is not limited to art, cosplay, interpretive dance, photography, and baked goods (but only if you share). Video, image, it’s all good! This is your chance to get creative and have some fun.

Flash fiction  can be anything under 1000 words (prose or poetry. Or lyric!), using any character/world elements included in the story. All I ask is that you keep it cleanish.

All submissions to be sent to theravens (dot) quill (at) gmail (dot) com

The incentive …. 

What’s a contest without prizes? All winners will receive a signed copy of Evensong (or Eventide if you prefer. Alas, Evenlight will not yet be ready for release),

1st place – $30 value:  book + $15 Amazon gift card

2nd place – $25 value: book + $10 Amazon gift card

3rd place – $20 value: book + $5 Amazon gift card

Plus a few odds and ends thrown in.

AND all contributors will receive a free e-copy of Evenlight on its release

Multiple submissions are not only allowed, they are encouraged – but you can only win once.

The dates:

Submissions will open on August 15,2014 and the contest will run until October 15, 2014. All submissions will be reviewed by a trio of judges (not me), and the winners announced on October 31, 2014.

I ask only one thing in return: bragging about how amazing your contribution is? Link people here and encourage them to submit! They haven’t read the book yet? Help me spread the word by sending them here! Start the conversation on Facebook and Twitter with #AndvellArt

Questions? Concerns? Leave a message in the comments or send me an email at theravens (dot) quill (at) gmail (dot) com

Ready, set, go!

But the post isn’t done yet. There’s still a short story to be shared!

I have a confession to make. I have not kept up with my page-a-day challenge. I know! It’s only been 3 weeks, Krista, what a lackluster attempt at any sort of dedicated progress.

But here is some news in my defense: The page-a-day challenge accomplished what I hoped it would and I have officially re-started the Evenlight draft. And I’m loving it (most days, over all, except when I want to set it on fire). As of yesterday, I hit 20k, so although the short stories aren’t coming out as quickly, it’s not for lack of words!


Week 3: #7 – Pier 21

A week can be a lifetime in the downtown core of a city. It couldn’t have been much longer than that since I last walked by this bar on the corner. The name Pier 21 in ye olde font welcoming the pedestrians out wandering the market, the lights over the full patio, live music wafting onto the streets alongside the scent of pub food and craft beer.

Now the building looks decrepit. The paint has chipped over the locked doors, and the yard is overgrown with weeds. I could almost expect the tumbleweed to shuffle past. One sign remains on the wall announcing a live show and all-you-can-eat wings on Tuesdays — or at least that’s what I interpret between the missing letters.

Around the yard, the fence has started to collapse outwards, as though from years of too many people leaning against it. Strings of white Christmas lights still wrap around the spires, looking sad and ignored against the depressing aspect of the abandoned building.

One week to bring about such a change, as if its soul left when the people did.

What does that say about the society that built it?


One comment

  1. Love the excerpt. 🙂

    The contest idea is awesome! I will try to remember to include the info in next week’s edition of Fictional Friday. If you can e-mail me the details, that will make it easier for me and ensure I remember. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*


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