Guest Post: CJ Duarte talks The Dash Vol II!

Another break between posts, I know, but I return for a great reason! My very good friend, and fellow author, CJ Duarte, has some news about the upcoming release of the second and final volume of his novel The Dash! I’ve been waiting for this for a good long while, so this news has made my day.

Want some background information? Check out the interview and review and second interview I’ve posted.

But why should I do all the talking typing when Duarte has written the news in his own words?

C.J. Duarte's The Dash - A review

Hello everyone! Thank you to Krista Walsh for giving me another opportunity to guest-post here. Especially because of the nature of what I’m about to share. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my work, you can search this blog for past posts that explain it in much better detail right now. But for those who are aware, I have a number of very special announcements.

To start off…the second and final volume of my debut novel The Dash at last has a release date! It’s in six months from now: October 24th, 2014. That date will mark the three-year anniversary of Volume I coming out in print (and the roughly one-year anniversary of it coming out in e-format, after various production delays). Needless to say, this is a profoundly bittersweet time for me after all these years. I hope that those of you who’ve been patient in following my writing all this time will feel rewarded all over again, to say the least.

Secondly, to build up to this announced release, I’ve now established a brand-new promotional presence on four major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest!These minimalist but useful pages will feature exclusive bonus materials about my novel, on top of the already-huge amount that exists on my main website. There’ll be some new promotional poster images (Facebook), random and cryptic quotes from the book (Twitter), a character biography or two (Google+), mysterious images related to the book (Pinterest) and even more quirky features from all these outlets. I plan to sparsely update all four pages at the same time at least once a month, as well as cross-promote certain announcements if they’re major enough. So I highly encourage you to visit them all in addition to my main site! (NOTE: to keep these pages strictly promotion-related, my interaction with visitor comments, conversations, etc. will be kept to a minimum, if at all.)

Thirdly, for those who are aware of just how massive an undertaking it was for me to write this book, I’m also confirming my plans to take an indefinite hiatus from publishing new material after Volume II’s release period (with the possible exception of website updates and the like). There is no way I can fully express how special The Dash has been to me, and I’m optimistic that its success and reputation will only evolve from here. Thank you so much to those who have appreciated my work and I hope you check out Volume II later this year.


Here, finally, are all my pertinent links that you can explore at your leisure… (main website)

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest pages retail page for Vol. I in e-format retail page for Vol. I in e-format retail page for Vol. I in print


Thanks very much for reading, and take care!


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