EVENSONG Character Interview: The Sisters

I knew today’s post would be late, but I’m glad this post is going up at all! If you thought Corey was less than verbose, my next interviewees are even harder to carry on a conversation with. Not so much the socialising type.

The Sisters are a mystery, an elusive bunch that are the ones to tell Jayden and Jasmine of Jeff’s existence. No one knows much (if anything) about them, so I wanted to try to delve a little deeper. When I did this interview, it took me hours to track them down. I had to wander the Andvellian woods because there’s no way to call them, just wait. Finally, the woods faded, I was back in my apartment. Only I had company … even if I couldn’t see them.

KW: Uh .. hello?

*A faint laugh on the air and my hair stands on end. Something brushes past my arm*

“The storyteller’s storyteller.

The creator of worlds and

Destroyer of lives.”

*Three voices make the speech, one after the other, but still no one appears. I have my notebook on my knees, but the pen is shaking so badly I know I won’t be able to write anything down.*

KW: I was wondering if we might have a chat. About your role in Jeff’s story, within Andvell. A little bit of everything.

“No questions you have will

Give the knowledge you desire.  You

Can never know all.”

KW: Well that’s all well and good, but since you exist because I wrote you, I feel entitled to a few answers. Intelligible ones if you don’t mind.

*more laughter*

“You are not the first to claim

Such ownership. To home do we

Give the credit?”

KW: That’s not fair. I wrote Jeff. He’s my character. Therefore, so are you.

*I start to really understand Jeff’s frustration within Andvell*

“Raven-bearer and idea-moulder,

Trust your inspiration, but do not seek

To possess it. Follow the truth but

Do not seek to claim it. The free bird

Sings with more passion than the caged.

So too with your voice.”

KW: *under my breath* I was supposed to be asking you questions, not getting advice*

*I feel a cool breeze on my face and a brief sensation of someone patting my cheek.*

“Your creations have been set loose

And are no longer in your control. Trust them

To see the way clear.”

And then their presence disappeared, my apartment faded, and I was left standing back in the forest with no idea where I was or from which direction I’d come. It took me a whole two hours to find my way out.

Because of the nature of the Sisters’, I didn’t feel an excerpt would work without giving too much away, so this brings to a conclusion the week of character interviews. Thank you so much for stopping by to read them! If more questions happen to come to you down the road, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll do my best to answer them — or bring the characters back to answer them.

If the interviews inspired you to read the novel, you can find the links for the various formats here and I would love to hear your feedback after you finished!



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