EVENSONG Character Interview: Jasmine & Jayden

Yesterday we got to meet my MC, Jeff Powell, but I thought today we could meet the main characters for Jeff’s Feldall Saga.

*The setting is an office in the Keep, a large desk in front of me with a woman sitting in the chair behind it, and a man sitting on the edge. Both have dark brown hair, green eyes, and are dressed in the Feldall colours of cream, green, and gold. I sit in one of three chairs on the other side, notebook in hand*

Unlike my 3rd person limited point of view, Jeff chose to head hop for his series, mostly sticking to the rulers of House Feldall, the twins Jasmine and —

Jayden: Why does the author get a solo interview and we have to share? We’re the ones who have to cope with Sir Blunderbutt, you’d think we deserve a little more prestige.

Jasmine: Don’t be an ass. You’re lucky she wants to talk to you at all. Not like you have anything intelligent to offer.

Jayden: *winks at me* Ah, she just brought me here to stare at me anyway.

KW: *clears throat* Anyway. Jasmine and Jayden. From what I hear from Jeff’s stories, you two manage a demesne,  frequently save the country from peril, sort out of the dramas in your personal lives, and still somehow have time to meet with me. How do you do it? Or, more important, why do you do it?

Jasmine: I think the answer to both question is: what choice do we have? Our parents are both dead, which legally should have meant Jayden is responsible for everything. Fortunately, my father was smarter than that and left the Keep to us jointly.

Jayden: Depriving me of my birthright, you mean.

Jasmine: Tell me you care.

Jayden: *shrug* I hate paperwork.

Jasmine: As for the saving the country, that’s … well, I don’t know what that is. A few months ago I would have said it was a series of coincidences that kept putting Feldall in the middle of these disasters. Now that we’ve met Jeff, I guess we can blame it all on him. Unless you believe Brady’s theory.

KW: Which side of the argument do you fall on?

Jasmine: As much as I don’t like the idea of someone else controlling my life, I prefer that idea over the thought that we just suffer chronic bad luck.

Jayden: You’re only saying that because you don’t want to agree with Brady. It would make Corey jealous.

*Jasmine’s face turns red and her hand twitches towards the knife at her hip. Jayden smirks and turns back to me*

Jayden: How do you know Jeff anyway? Someone else from his world? You’re not in love with him or anything are you? Because I would judge you.

KW: Actually, I’m his author.

*Expressions of shock on both twins’ faces, followed by an alarmingly sly grin from Jayden*

Jayden: So you do to him what he does to us? Oh, this could be good.

Jasmine: Jayden.

Jayden: I’m serious. The man’s a pain in my ass. Can you give him a third nipple? Or maybe a little trouble down in the trouser area?

Jasmine: Jayden!

Jayden: What?! Tell me that wouldn’t give you great satisfaction over some of the things he’s put us through.

Jasmine: ….

Jayden: Fine. *to me* We’ll talk after.

KW: So how did you react when you first found out about Jeff’s existence and the role he plays in your lives? Did you believe it?

Jasmine: Hardly. Would you? But considering the source of the information, we had to give the benefit of the doubt. And then Brady and Maggie found that spell and poof, here he is. Hard not to believe it anymore.

KW:  Is he what you expected?

Jayden: He’s soft, none too quick in the thinking, and can’t sit a horse to save his life. My sister may believe he is who he claims to be, but I have a hard time crediting our world and the existence of the gloriousness that is me on someone who doesn’t know useful end of a sword.

Jasmine: It would be like you writing a book on humility, brother.

Jayden: What would be the use? I know I’m wonderful. I know about twenty ladies in the household who would agree.

Jasmine: Give them another month and they’ll see their way clear. The way the rest of the ladies you’ve dallied with eventually do.

Jayden: You’re just jealous because you stick with two lovers.

Jasmine: One. I stick with one. Brady is not my lover. He’s an old friend. That is it, that is all, and damn Jeff Powell for thinking otherwise.

Jayden: You want to rethink my request to have Ms Walsh give the man a rash?

Jasmine: … Maybe.

KW: Sorry to cut in, but I’m afraid we’re out of time.

Jayden: That’s too bad. We hardly got to know you.

KW: That’s all right. I know you well enough to know that you won’t get a chance to know me.

Jasmine: Ha! I like you.

Jayden: Ah well, was worth a try. Will you give my request some thought? Give old Jeff a bit of his own medicine?

KW: Oh, I think he’ll get a few eye-openers in the coming pages. But we can re-evaluate later if you don’t agree.

This was one of my early impressions of both characters, but Jeff’s was a little different. Here’s today’s short excerpt from Evensong:


Even his characters had stepped full-fledged out of his head and into the room.

Jeff picked out the black and gold embroidery on Jasmine’s outfit with the hawk sigil of Feldall on the breast, the hard glint in her eyes, the way her long fingers handled the dragonbone hilt of her blade. Seeing her like this, Jeff felt he had never given her enough credit. She was beautiful. And cold. The way she glared at him made him shiver.

Jayden, on the other hand, was just what Jeff had imagined, right down to the roguish smile. A collection of contradictions: relaxed but alert, smug but likeable. Whoever had casted these two had done almost a better job of creating them than Jeff had in writing them.


  1. Okay, I did comment on Jeff’s post but I think WP ate it. Must have been hungry yesterday because it ate two others as well. Or maybe it’s just because I’m using my work compu– ah…Anyhow, fantabulous interviews! They are a riot. I did giggle at Jeff’s. He was a bit put out. Great job!

    1. Well that was silly WP! Hmph. Thanks for trying again! I may keep it from Jeff that people find his plight amusing 😉 But go ahead and laugh at Jayden. That ego of his can take it!


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