Why hello, 2014

From my point of view, the first half of 2013 flew by. I blinked and it was May. I blinked again and we were coming up on August. Then something changed and I forced myself to pay more attention, slowing time down so the second half moved at a more comfortable pace. I published Greylands, started a company, and devoted more time to the love of my life (my niece).

I don’t do resolutions–although I admire people who set and stick with them. Hell, even those who set and only stick with them a while. At least there was an effort and the acknowledgement that something has to change–but the last couple of years I’ve started setting “themes” for myself. Year of Beginnings, Year of Improvements – just general  concepts that mesh with what I hope to achieve.

Personally, our family’s had a streak of bad luck when it comes to health the last two years. It was with a bittersweet joy that my mother and I realised we hadn’t been to a single funeral in 2013, a great improvement (see, keeping with the theme!) over 2012.

Professionally, a mostly stagnant year exploded into a wild ride of first publication, first book launch, first cover with my name on it, and I’m determined that 2014 will see much more of all these things.

So 2014 will be my Year of Appreciation, making a point to be grateful for what I have and accomplish. I’ve had too many reminders lately that life is too short,  so my goal is to take a breath and see what’s around me!

But before I go and get all maudlin (the temp is roughly at -38*C this morning, so let’s blame it on the ice-ridden slosh of brain matter), here’s my other declaration: it is also my intention that 2014 will be the Year of Meratis, with a planned release of all three books in my trilogy: Evensong, Eventide, and Evenlight. More information on that to come, but you can expect lots of announcements and fun news before the end of January.

So I raise my cup of tea (near frozen, but I think there’s still enough for a sip) and make a toast to the new year. May it be everything you hope for and more!



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