Greylands Interview: K.L. Schwengel

Last but far, far, far from least, we have the creator of Fletch, by far the most dangerous character in the Greylands world (with the possible exception of Jack because, honestly, that man has issues that weren’t explored nearly enough in Round 1 of this project): K.L. Schwengel. She has posted a couple of excerpts from Fletch’s chapters on her Wednesday WIPpet series, so be sure to check them out for a preview!

KW: Other than a fabulous contributor to Greylands, who are you?

kls: Who is anyone? Really? Okay, bad answer. Let’s see . . . I’m a hopeless introvert and terribly private person which makes tooting my own horn something of a challenge for me, and questions like this akin to having bamboo shoved under my fingernails. I could easily live as a hermit as long as I had indoor plumbing, copious supplies of Guinness, dark chocolate, coffee, red wine, Irish Mist, wifi, and my laptop. I am the self-proclaimed keeper of *the* flying monkeys (they needed someplace to go after the whole Oz debacle), a wife, an author, an artist, a sometime photographer. I raise, train and trial working Australian Shepherds and, by extension, raise Katahdin sheep as well. I am the youngest of nine children. My mother was a librarian, my father a dreamer and jack of many trades. I have a day job that both supports and interferes with my passions in life. I exist merely to serve Her Royal Highness Princess Fiona the Cat (or so she believes).

KW: Small blog serial or not, it took a lot of guts to contribute to the project. What drew you to it?

kls: You started out with such an intriguing premise it was hard not to be drawn in. Plus, if I recall, I needed something to take my mind off the all-consuming projects I was working on at the time. It was fun to come play in someone else’s world.

KW: Absolutely all-consuming. Seeing all the projects you’re working on, I’m amazed you have time to finish any of them! Why did you choose the characters that you did? Did you know when you started with them that they would turn out the way they did?

kls: Quite honestly, Fletch chose me. I had no say in the matter. He appeared out of nowhere after reading the first installment and, as you know, Krista, it’s best not to get on Fletch’s bad side. I knew he was damaged. I knew he was going to be a problem. But I really had no clue where his path was going to lead. Whether he would survive or not. Each installment he showed me a bit more of himself. Some bits I really didn’t want to see.

KW: What you did to me, I’ll do to you: Other than your own character, who was your favorite?

kls: Hands down, Maverick. C’mon, give a guy a Scottish accent and I’m a puddle of mush. Added to that, even though he acted tough, and his choice of routes to introduce Alexis to Jack was . . . well . . . not the best, he’s got a soft side. And he’s very loyal. I admire that. He’s also protective. Yes, he lacks tact and decorum, but everyone has their issues. Pops would run a close second (third after Fletch, of course). He’s the unsung hero.

KW: What other projects do you have going on? Can we expect to see other titles from you?

kls: I’ve always got a ton of projects going on. Too many at times. But I like to keep busy and I don’t have a lot of problem moving from one to the other. That means I can always be writing on something. At the moment, I’m in the editing stage of book two in my Lightness & Dark fantasy series. I’m intending to release that before the end of the year. There’s a fantasy serial I’m working on that needs some massive re-writing/editing. I’m also working on an urban fantasy/paranormal romance, and have another fantasy piece I’m hoping to have completed by the middle of December. Sometime next year I have a short story coming out in a fantasy anthology. That had originally been slated to come out this year, but the publisher had to push it further out.

KW: Where can people find you on the interwebs?

kls: I think there are more than this, but these are the ones I’m likely to be most active on.

My blog:  Where you can find out about my books as well.





Thank you so much to all of you who joined us for this week of Greylands promo – I hope you enjoyed learning about the voices behind the voices and are interested to pick up a copy of your own! Greylands is now available:

Amazon (Kindle/Paperback)

Barnes & Noble (Nook)





      1. He did my a solid, getting rid of my pigeon plague. And he seems to have taken a liking to the cat bed. I felt I had to call him something. Although I suspect he and Kiri might be plotting together now…


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