Announcement & Greylands Interview: Colin F. Barnes

With every ounce of pride I hold in my body, I hereby announce that Greylands is now available to purchase for Kindle. You can find it riiiiiight here.  It will be available in a variety of other locations, including print, shortly and I’ll be sure to post the links as they come! I’m sitting pretty on cloud nine, but I would never have found my way up here if not for the other authors who helped me out.
As promised, this week I ask the Greylands contributors a few questions to help you get to know them. They’re a wonderful bunch of people and I’m so glad to give them the opportunity to show it!

First off, we have Colin F. Barnes!

1) Other than a fabulous contributor to Greylands, who are you? 

The first honour is definitely writing for Greylands, but other than that, Colin F. Barnes is a publisher and full-time writer of adventure and techno thrillers and a member of both the British Fantasy Society and the British Science Fiction Association. He honed his craft with the London School of Journalism and the Open University (BA, English).

Colin has run a number of tech-based businesses, worked in rat-infested workshops, and scoured the back streets of London looking for characters and stories–which he found in abundance. He has a number of publishing credits with stories alongside authors such as: Brian Lumley, Ramsey Campbell, and Graham Masterton. He’s currently writing and publishing a post-apocalypse, cyberpunk adventure series ‘The Techxorcist.’

2) Small blog serial or not, it took a lot of guts to contribute to the project. What drew you to it? 

First and foremost it was the excellent first story put up by you (Krista). I loved the world instantly and the characters jumped out of the page. It really grabbed my attention. As I was at the time playing Skyrim and enjoying the quest line with the thieves’ and assassins’ guilds, it really set off my imagination and I just had to take the opportunity and join the project.

3) Why did you choose the characters that you did? Did you know when you started with them that they would turn out the way they did?

 I can refer back to my time playing the Assassin guild quest line with regards to the character. I just find them fascinating, and spurred on by the other stories in the Greylands series, a female assassin appealed to me because of the female protagonist. I originally thought about some kind of ninja or samurai, but didn’t want to follow the tired trope of a male assassin, so Geisha presented herself to me and demanded I write her story.
After I wrote the first episode, I didn’t really know where it was going. Although my stories kind of stand apart a little from the rest of the series, I was definitely informed by what the other contributors were doing, so it was quite exciting to read each story as they went up and work out how I could fit my character into the wider narrative. In some ways that made it easier, as it presented me with a number of elements to work with, but also it made it a bit harder, in that I had to write it in such a way that it still fit the existing world.
I’m happy how it came out, and I think the story of Geisha was stronger for the surrounding Greylands milieu.

4) I’m going to steal this question from Kathi’s interview, because it was mean and I want to share the evil. Other than your own character, who was your favourite?

 It might be an obvious answer, but it was really the main protagonist from the start. Alexis is a girl with a major problem and a world of pain ahead of her if she isn’t quick to act and strong in her convictions. Over the course of the story I love her arc how she goes from the outsider to a fundamental and crucial part of the Shadows.
The author (Krista) did a wonderful job of bringing this young girl into a harsh world. She didn’t just crumble and let herself be taken advantage of. She learned quickly and became a master of her own destiny. I really liked that, and she was one of the many reasons why I wanted to write for the series, and write my character, Geisha.

5) What other projects do you have going on? Can we expect to see other titles from you?

I’m quite busy these days and have a hectic schedule lined up for 2014. Currently, I have two books of my Techxorcist series out: Artificial Evil (Book 1)Assembly Code (Book 2). Annihilation Point (Book 3) is due out in late November/early December. Beyond that, I have a dark adventure novella coming out with DarkFuse in February 2014 called Dead Five’s Pass, and I’m also currently working on a trilogy of techno thriller novels that will remain a secret for a little while longer yet.

6) Where can people find you on the interwebs? 

Where can I be found? I lurk in a number of dark corners of the interwebs, most notably:
– Twitter
– Amazon
– Tumblr
Come and say hello, I don’t bite 🙂
Big thanks to Krista for being so awesome and opening this project up to us. It’s been magic.


  1. I read your story thread when it was originally posted, Colin, and came away impressed. Where your style differed from the other writers, there wasn’t a disconnect between your story thread and the others – the styles complemented each other well and yours added a unique flavour. Well done, that man.


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